Fortnite Mobile won the Top 1 download store even though it’s only Closed Beta

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Just opened the first Closed Beta for iOS platform from March 16 but Fortnite The mobile version has obtained extremely positive results. The game is ranked first in 13 countries, including the fastidious US market. The above achievement is an unexpected result when the new trial period is only “small” in scale. Only gamers who have registered and received an invitation from the manufacturer EpicGames will have the opportunity to experience it, although all gamers can download the installer.


Of course, with these trials, the developer has prioritized choosing customers who own devices with appropriate configuration to experience, thereby proving the quality of the game. Fortnite mobile version. The game is highly appreciated for its quality, graphics and speed, almost on par with the PC version. The combat system minimizes the “pay-to-win” problem, stipulating that what can be purchased is only “decorative goods” such as skins or some items, emotes, dance moves. In addition, gamers also receive a Battle Pass of about $ 10 in V-Bucks after each 3-month season.


In a different perspective, experts question the revenue that Fortnite get. The game is still releasing for free while a PUBG on Xbox and PC on sale for $30 each, including a Steam-linked skin system. If the revenue of the game through Apple and Google can be counted, the revenue from other platforms are all secret numbers. Thereby it is difficult to assess the true level of success of Fornite, all that the reports bring are just information about the number of gamers.

After all, the debut of Fortnite The mobile version is still considered as one of the most notable milestones in 2018, especially in the segment shooting game battle royale. Same time, PUBG Mobile version is also about to be tested on Android in the Canadian market. The race of these two “terrible” gun games will certainly be more intense this year.​

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