Fix the game Raid has Out of memory error, can’t play

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Many gamers must still be looking for a way to fix the error that Raid Game is out of memory, this is an error that has started to arise since the official release of Raid 2.0 version, Taimienphi will guide you to fix the error that Raid Game is out. of memory.

After the game, the dot game is out of memory and cannot be played

Fixed Out of Memory in Raid game

Fixed the issue of Raid game being Out of Memory


Since the big update of Raid 2.0, many gamers when playing Raid often get out of memory errors that lead to not being able to play the game, although the minimum configuration to play Raid requires only 1GB. Ram but owners of 2GB Ram still make these errors.

After playing the game, the out of memory can

After a while of learning, the out of memory error often appears on machines with RAM configuration of 2GB or less or 4GB Ram but 32-bit Windows installed:

– Case 1, the machine with 2GB Ram or less got an error because even though the minimum configuration is only 1GB Ram, the latest update version was actually heavier and used up all 2GB of Ram, thus causing the problem. Out of memory error occurs.

– As for the machine with 4GB Ram but Windows 32 bit installed, the reason for the error is because Windows 32 bit only uses half of the actual RAM of the machine, equivalent to 2GB, thus leading to Ram overflow as in case 1.

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1. Hardware fix

– For machines with 2GB Ram or less, you can fix the above error by upgrading to 4GB Ram or higher. Currently, the cheapest 4GB DDR3 or DDR4 Rams are 500,000 VND to return, although DDR2 is no longer produced, you can still earn old DDR2 Rams to save more than using 3 or 4 generations, although However, taimienphi recommends using the latest Ram if you can.

After the game, the out of memory can

– For a machine with 4GB Ram but 32 bit Windows installed, you only need to install 64 bit windows so that the computer can use up all the actual RAM of the machine to completely overcome this error.

2. Fix by tricks

– Method 1: Enter the game and choose to play mode Team Battle BOT – Cargo Ship 2.0, this is the lightest map of Raid and so you play BOT mode, so the real number of players will be halved. Use the “Search your own room” feature of Raid with the above 2 map and mode settings to get into the available room the fastest. If using “create room” will still get the same error as usual. After a game, the game system will be smoothed and fixed the Ram memory to avoid using up all the available Ram capacity leading to memory overflow.

After playing the game, the out of memory can

– Method 2: Turn off unnecessary background applications. In this way, open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc. At the 2 tabs Processes and Details, you remove the programs that you find unnecessary. If you do not know much about the software or have to remove any programs, you can find some names below and click End Task to remove including:

– reader_sl.exe
– AdobeARM.exe
– NeroCheck.exe
– HKCMD.exe
– atiptaxx.exe/ati2evxx.exe
– RAVCpl64.exe
– Nwiz.exe
– CCC.exe
– SynTPEnh.exe
– winampa.exe
– iTunesHelper.exe/iPodService.exe
– Sidebar.exe
– wmpnetwk.exe

It is not necessary to remove the whole thing, just leave enough memory to limit the Out of Memory error

After the game, the out of memory can

Above is how to fix the game Raid is out of memory, hope you can completely fix the above error so that you can experience moments of fun entertainment. Besides, you can refer to Avoid bullets in the game Raid The most effective way to always have a high score.
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