Fix “Memory could not be read” error in Mini World: Block Art

Mini World

Mini World: Block Art is a very attractive survival game with cute and fun graphics. However, during the game we often encounter very annoying errors, one of which is “Memory could not be read“. will guide you on how to fix it in the following article.”

Mini World

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Fix “Memory could not be read” error in Mini World: Block Art

First you enter Windows Explorer by clicking Windows logo key + E or enter My computer Windows 7. Then right click on the mouse This PC and choose Properties.

Step 1

Next, click on the line Advanced system settings the left-hand side of the window to access the system’s advanced settings panel.

Step 2

In the table System Properties, select tab Advanced and press the button Setting of the part Performance.

Step 3

In the dialog box Performance Options, you switch to the tab Data Execution Prevention, tick the line Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those i select and press Add … In the table that appears, select the path to the desktop or where you installed Mini World to add the game’s run file.

Step 4

After selecting, click OK to confirm. A bulletin board with content The changes you have made require to restart …. A window will appear asking you to restart your computer to complete the setup. Press OK to restart the machine.

After restarting, please open Mini World and check again for errors “Memory could not be read“No. In case the error still occurs, we just have to delete the game and reinstall from scratch.

Wish you all success!

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