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Status Coc Coc Sorry Sorry no media was found to download is one of the quite common errors that leads to users not being able to download YouTube videos or Facebook videos as usual, if you are experiencing this error on CocCoc, please Follow the instructions of to fix the error of not downloading videos.

Unlike Google Chrome, Coc Coc has a built-in download tool, and the error Coc Coc sorry can’t find any means to download YouTube videos with Coc Coc appears quite a lot, mainly due to Coc Coc and its extensions. Coc Coc has updated to the new version, leading to Coc Coc generating an annoying error that makes users unable to download YouTube videos with Coc Coc or Facebook just because the Savior tool cannot catch the download link or does not appear.

I’s guide will go through the possible causes of this phenomenon and how to fix the error Coc Coc can’t find the download medium.

Fix Coc Coc not finding download media

This is one of the errors that appear quite commonly on CocCoc and there are many causes for this phenomenon including: The version of Coc Coc is outdated and the extension has not been updated to new or the error Savior self-deletes on Coc Coc, lost download mark on Coc Coc. So how to fix Coc Coc Sorry, no media found is to reset Coc Coc, restore Coc Coc download button, reinstall Coc Coc or update new version and exetension to fix Coc Coc can’t download videos on YouTube or Facebook above.


Currently, Google changes the mechanism for providing Media content on Youtube, so users cannot use Coc Coc to download videos on Youtube, we will update readers with information as soon as possible. The treatment below is currently the best option for you to download videos from Youtube


Step 1: You access the website:

Step 2: Paste the youtube link and Click the “Get Link” button Wait a few seconds for the system to process.

Step 3: Choose choose quality video in Mp4 mục section has the advantage of fast processing, high quality download files.

Different ways

Other causes: Because Coc Coc and Savior extension are outdated, currently this method has not been implemented by some people

With the cause of this media not found error, readers just need to update Coc Coc and extesion to the latest version. How to update Coc Coc has been introduced in detail by to readers, as for how to update the extension on Coc Coc, please refer to the following:

Step 1: Access the following path: coccoc://extensions by copying and pasting this link into Coc Coc’s address bar.

Click select mode Developer mode (Developer mode) is at the top of the screen.

If you can

Step 2: you click on the item Update extension now (Update extension now) to update extension Savior on Coc Coc.


Attention: If both ways to fix Coc Coc Sorry, none of the above methods were found, please try resetting Coc Coc back to the original state like when you first installed it.

In addition, if you want to download videos on Coc Coc, you can use supporting software such as IDM, YouTube Downloader or use online YouTube video download tools introduced by In particular, YouTube Downloader and Savemedia are two of the most popular software and services that support downloading YouTube videos.

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Results after fixing Coc Coc Sorry Sorry no media was found successfully, you can download the video normally.

Fix Savior button missing

In case you do not see the Savior download button anywhere on Coc Coc, the cause may be because you accidentally deactivated Savior in Coc Coc or the Savior button was deleted. With Savior error deleted on Coc Coc, you do the following:

Step 1: Close all browsers, including Coc Coc, then press the key combination Windows + CHEAP to open the command box Run > type or copy and paste the following command line:

I don


Press OK to access the Coc Coc user account management folder. With Windows XP, enter the following command line:

%userprofile%Local SettingsApplication DataCocCocBrowser

I can

Step 2: You find the folder User Data and rename this folder to “User Data_

I can

Reopen Coc Coc browser to check if button Savior displayed again or not.

Step 3: If the above instructions don’t work, please go to the directory User Data > delete item Safe Browsing Extension Blacklist and restart Coc Coc to check the results after fixing Coc Coc Sorry Sorry no media found.

I can

Right click select item Safe Browsing Extension Blacklist and choose Delete to delete this entry, then reopen Coc Coc and check.


You should see the loading icon reappear. With how to fix the error that no media was found to download on, users can restore Coc Coc to its original state and help bring the download button Savior back to the original.

The error Coc Coc cannot download videos from Facebook or YouTube has many causes, but most are due to the difference between browser and tool versions. Savior leading to error not found media to download YouTube videos is quite common. In general, to fix Coc Coc Sorry, no means were found on your computer, you will need to do one of the two methods above to achieve the desired effect.

For users of Coc Coc in particular and other browsers using other Chromium kernels in general such as Google Chrome or Opera, many errors arise mainly because users do not update to the new version, and the flash player error is blocked. on Coc Coc or some errors in Coc Coc browser without Savior leading to Coc Coc not being able to download videos are also quite common. However, to fix these errors, users only need to find out the cause of the problem to get the best solution.

Coc Coc is like many other browsers, one of the most annoying errors is that Coc Coc can’t access the network, at this time, Coc Coc browser becomes useless in the computer, you need to fix the error. Coc Coc can’t access the network to continue accessing websites on Coc Coc
Good luck!

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