Finding Pennywise’s True Identity – A Ghost Clown That’s Older Than Earth

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The set movie IT leaving viewers with a strong impression of ghost clown images Pennywise, a monster that likes to devour small creatures alive. And now that IT: Chapter II has begun to be released in the world, people have become even more curious about the identity of this creature. Every 27 years, it wakes up with a mad bloodlust, attracted by the atrocities taking place in the heart of the town of Derry. Not much is known about the first day that “it” woke up but in the second time when the town of Derry was formed, IT devoured more than 300 lives without leaving a trace. Just like that, hundreds of years have passed, this small town has become a “hunting ground” for monsters disguised as ghost clowns.

Although IT first appeared in the 1700s, its real age must be calculated in billions of years, even beyond that. In fact, the origin of IT does not come from Earth, but from a place far beyond all understanding of living things. So the question here is where does IT come from? Is Pennywise ghost clown image its real face? And why does it crave the bodies of children so much?


In fact IT is a creature that originates from the unknown in the Macroverse – the name for the dark space that surrounds our universe. In the series The Dark Tower of the Stephen King, Macroverse is also called Todash Space, where monstrous creatures just want to invade the universe. When it appeared billions of years ago like a meteor crashing to Earth, IT wandered underground and waited for the formation of humanity. With the development of people and the emotional fields inside their minds, IT uses fear as the perfect spice to season the innocent children.. who are considered the favorite victims of It is due to its pure nature that it is easy to be seduced.


As in the novels and movies, IT is simply a nickname the Losers Club has given themselves. Along with that, in addition to the ghost clown Pennywise, there is also an identity that IT likes, not the actual being of this creature. Later, near the end, the Losers Club comes to the conclusion that IT is actually a giant female spider that can transform into anyone it wants. However, this is actually just the closest image that the human brain can process.

IT’s true form is gathered from “Deadlights”, a form of dead light that exists in the Macroverse. Any life form of the universe looking at Deadlight would instantly go insane. Only two people in history have been able to survive and regain their minds: Audra Phillips – Billy’s later wife and Beverly Marsh – whom Billy first kissed. That’s why IT’s true form cannot be described by gender or any animal shape, no matter how bizarre. The name of IT is also an unsolved mystery. In this world, there are probably only 3 people who know the exact name for this monster, that is the author Stephen King and two entities named “The Other” and “The Turtle”.


The Turtle, as the name suggests, is a creature in the form of a giant turtle, which also comes from the Macroverse like IT. The Turtle is the father of our universe and even many other universes. However, The Other stands above The Turtle and IT one level. and one just devours everything.

All we see in the new IT movie version is only half the journey that the Losers Club kids have to go through. Because few know it’s still alive, because few know it’s still waiting, it’s still burning its hunger and thirst for revenge to pour out on the Loser Club 27 years after they’ve grown up.

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