File Request – New feature of Dropbox

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In this article, we will guide you to use File Request – Dropbox’s new feature. This is also a great feature that users have been waiting for recently.

A few months ago, Dropbox introduced the File Request feature to users. This is a feature that helps you request files in case of teamwork. It does not require the uploader to have an account, nor does it matter the size and number of uploaded files.

File Request – New feature of Dropbox

Step 1: First you access Dropbox HERE. After accessing Dropbox, you switch to the card File requests to add request (Create a file request)


A dialog box appears. Here you enter the required file name in the box What are you requesting?

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In the cell Where should these files go in your Dropbox below you choose the path to archive.

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You will eventually get a link from Dropbox. This is the link for you to share with other users. Or you can enter their email in the or we can email them for you option.

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Step 2: After receiving the link, the other person just needs to click the . button Choose files and upload files. Very simple.

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Thus, has just introduced you to the article File Request – New feature of Dropbox. Indeed, this is a very useful feature when working in groups. Because in the process of completing a project, adding information, adding files, adding data is a very common thing. Besides, we also guide Register Dropbox quickly in 5 minutes. Please visit and consult for more details.

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