FIFA Online 3 New Engine: Shoot the “dead” corner

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FIFA Online 3 new version has been released, although it is appreciated in terms of interface and graphics, but the way of kicking the ball (especially the penalty shot) is much more difficult than the old version and is considered a slight minus. As explained by “FIFA experts”, this new shot will help you master the finish as well as improve the goal rate of the pen, but that is for those who are familiar with and manipulate.

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Shoot the pen into the dead corner in FIFA Online 3 new version, also known as the “crush”, is one of the best options if you want to concretize your goals. “Putting on” is often difficult and not many goalkeepers can stop. Why? Simply because:

  • The goalkeepers are always in the middle of the goal, while the four dead corners are furthest from that position, so their ability to move and block will be lower.
  • In order to shoot into such “A-corners”, the player who finishes or must be able to finish must be extremely good, confident or have a little bit of luck.

Penalty “to heart” FIFA Online 3 New Engine

Because of that danger, such shots are very often used when kicking the pen. If you do not know how to make such a shot in the new FIFA Online 3 football game, please see the instructions below.

Still the same steps as when we perform normal penalty kick as in the previous tutorial that introduced to you.

Guide to penalty kick in FIFA Online 3 New Engine

Choose the standard force (near the blue area), that’s the most important thing.

Penalty shot guide in FIFA Online 3 New Engine game

After you have aligned the slider and have the right shot force, hurry up Press one of the 4 arrow keys to determine where you want to finish. This is the key to having a perfect “crush”.

How to take a penalty in the corner of the game FIFA Online 3 New Engine

We need attention, do not press the position selection key before (arrow key). Which must be done sequentially, align shot / take force of shot / choose position.

penalty kick in FO3 New Engine game

Also do not hold the arrow key for too long, because the longer the ball will move away from the center of the goal and your shot will most likely go out.

Finishing the dead corner game FIFA Online 3 New Engine

In addition, you can also choose to shoot less than 1/3 to let the ball go to the bottom two corners or be a little stronger to make the ball fly higher. However, this approach is not always successful, especially when in this new version, the goalkeepers have much better reflexes.

FO3 luc - Emergenceingame

The best advice is Z + D on the keyboard, then position adjustment Go to the 4 corners and you will have a successful penalty.

FO3 1 phai tren - Emergenceingame

In addition to putting, we can also use straight shots, with great force. Because these shots have a “dead angle” rate, especially the two “A” corners are very high each time the penalty kick.

FO3 1 luc manh - Emergenceingame


Select the right slider to the right green point, take a stronger shot than usual (about 1/2 of the bar of the shot or more), that will be the “bricked” shot that no goalkeeper can block.

FO3 vao - Emergenceingame

With the above instructions plus a bit of hard work, you will surely become a skilled striker in this new version of FIFA Online 3 game.

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