FIFA 19 considers replacing Cristiano Ronaldo for the game’s avatar

FIFA 19 considers replacing Cristiano Ronaldo for the game's avatar

The launch of FIFA 19 received many positive reviews, but that does not mean that everything went smoothly. Currently, the game’s publisher, EA Sports, is considering replacing Cristiano Ronaldo on the game’s profile picture following rape allegations. Kathryn Mayorga has accused the player of raping her while in Las Vegas in 2009. At the time of writing, Ronaldo is still the superstar for the game’s profile picture and denies this allegation.

Not only did Ronaldo consider her allegations “fake news,” his lawyers also threatened to sue the German magazine Der Spiegel for reporting on these “illegal” charges. Although the superstar on FIFA 19’s profile picture denied this allegation, EA’s representative said they were monitoring the situation: “We are looking at detailed news about the lawsuit with Cristiano Ronaldo. We’re keeping a close eye on things and expect our ambassadors and representative players to live up to EA’s values.”

In addition, Nike also has a contract with Ronaldo and the company revealed on Thursday that it is “really concerned” about the whole thing and intends to follow the story to the end. It is also worth mentioning that the Portuguese national team did not include Ronaldo in the squad for the following matches of the month when the list was announced on Thursday.

Ronaldo has been the star of the FIFA brand since last year, and he is the highest paid athlete in the world, having signed to play for Italian team Juventus. If the investigation proves Ronaldo guilty, it seems that EA Sports will remove this player’s avatar from the game. However, at the moment, the details of this allegation have not been made clear.

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FIFA 19 is out now on PC, PS3, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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