Faker becomes the first player to reach 2000 kills in the LCK

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In the match against Afreeca Freecs, T1’s mid laner became the first player in history Tournaments hit the huge milestone 2000 kills after defeating Jelly with Zoe. However, this number could not ultimately help T1 win the match.

Faker one of gamer most successful in history League of Legends, won 8 domestic championships and shined with 3 world championships. He has become a very influential name in the village Esports.

Recently, although Faker has not had much success in the international arena, he is still one of the top gamer of the League of Legends after 7 years of playing.

On July 11, 2016, Faker reached his 1000 milestone in LCK. Four years later, he officially doubled his record.


Faker played a total of 530 games in the LCK with a win rate of 67.4%. He won 357 games and lost only 173 games. The only player who surpassed him in terms of games played was former KT Rolster player Score.

The champion that Faker has played the most over the years is Azir. He got 155 kills in 43+ games with a win rate of 76.7% and a KDA of 5.03 with this card. The most successful champion that Faker picked was LeBlanc with 111 kills in 23 games, a 91.3% win rate and a 7.29 KDA. His career average KDA across all leagues stands at 3.90/2.11/5.38.

Faker and his new roster are in second place in the LCK. However, if T1 defeats Afreeca Freecs in a three-game series, they will climb to the top of the rankings alongside Gen.G.

Faker’s latest record with T1 – who is currently a co-owner after signing a new contract with the organization last month – continues to cement his place in both League of Legends and Esports history.

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