Experience playing the game Big fish eat small fish

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Join the game Feeding Frenzy – Big fish eat small fish, players will be transformed into a small fish in the heart of the vast ocean, also here you will have to learn how to survive to fight dangerous big fish in the ocean. ocean bed.

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Although the game Big fish eat small fish was born a long time ago, it still fascinates players by the majestic beauty of the ocean bed, along with the harsh survival rules in the game, so the more you play, the more attractive you feel. The gameplay seems to be quite simple, but how to pass so many levels, live in the basket for a long time, it is not simple at all? So please refer to the following tips to easily conquer the game Feeding Frenzy:

Tips to conquer the game Big fish eat small fish:

Starting the game, you will control your little fish swimming around the vast ocean, eating small fish to survive but remember to stay away from bigger fish. Otherwise they will eat you! Initially you will be granted 3 lives, if you lose those 3 lives, you will lose.

Experience playing the game Big fish eat small fish

And so on at some point your little fish will “come to life” and can eat bigger fish that I’ve seen before “escape”. Passed 2 times “come to life” You will pass the level, the later the level is more difficult, the more dangerous “stalking” make players have to have experience to play to be able to pass.

Tips to improve game skills Big fish eat small fish:

  • Eat a lot of fish that are smaller than you to get bigger, pay attention to manipulate as quickly as possible.
  • Don’t let the bigger fish swallow you, you will be deducted points and reduce the number of lives.
  • Eating pearls in seashells will score more points than eating fish.
  • Eat 1 up, get 1 extra life.
  • Eat starfish to get more points.
  • REDPay attention to items to increase strength.
  • Participate in bonus levels with mermaids.
  • Take great care to avoid ingesting poisonous things.

Experience playing the game Big fish eat small fish

Pay attention to take advantage of the support items that we suggest above to increase your chances of survival. Because there are many species of fish appearing from tiny fish to sharks, aggressive whales, the scene is also changed according to each game screen, making the player not bored. In addition, you also have to face landmines under the ocean, making the game more attractive.

The way to play is not complicated at all, but the most important thing is that you have to be quick and quick to improve your playing skills. This is really a great game to help people entertain after stressful working and studying hours. Let’s Download Feeding Frenzy back to explore the vast ocean, “hunt” get lots of fish and”come to life” be quick!

Please refer to the video on how to play Feeding Frenzy:

Have fun playing the game!

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