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If desired, users can exit the Facebook group chat easily at any time if they are suddenly invited to join an unwanted group or chat group, the way to do this is not too complicated, somewhat similar to other groups. leave the group Zalo, Skype,…

Facebook Messenger is a popular chat application on Facebook, you can play games, make group calls in Messenger … special features group call on Messenger quite popular and frequently used by users.

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You are so familiar with leaving the chat groups on Yahoo, Skype, … that you don’t like. But to get out of a group chat on Facebook Messenger is not as simple as downloading Yahoo or Skype. Follow the article below of Emergenceingames.com to know how to do it.

How to leave a chat group on Facebook

Way 1: When you receive a message in a strange chat group on Facebook, you open the group chat window and click on the gear icon and select Exit the chat… is to be.

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Way 2: You open the chat group window that you are invited to, click to go to the chat homepage.
Click on the gear image and select Leaving the chat…

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A window will appear, choose Leave the chat is to be.

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With just a few simple steps, you can exit a group chat. In addition, to use Facebook effectively, you can search and download more Facebook utilities available in Emergenceingames.com.

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