Every weapon in COD Black Ops Cold War has its own feature on the PS5 controller

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Features list of PlayStation 5 is being continuously updated in the near future to the release date. DualSense Controller is the feature that receives the most positive reviews.

One of the hallmarks of DualSense is its ability to use haptic feedback to generate precise vibrations. This is a promising device and promises to help developers connect more with players. The above characteristics will be applied in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Upcoming.


Head of game design Tony Flame revealed that each weapon will have tactile configuration own: “The DualSense controller is pretty awesome. When you pull the trigger, the handle will vibrate, a small motor in the handle will work continuously every time the gun fires. The handle has a sensitivity that simulates trigger pressure on a real weapon. All of the above details have been adjusted in-game for each weapon. So, although it is quite complicated, the DualSense controller will give players a new feeling and a more interesting experience.”

This is a fairly new idea and it is not difficult to see that this device will bring game sales and player experience to a new level when combined with sound and vivid images. Setting up tactile configurations for every weapon in Call of Duty is definitely a non-stop work of the team. Activision.


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