EA is in danger of losing the Star Wars copyright because of “blood sucking”

Without a doubt, the game Star Wars Battlefront II launched last November was a media disaster for EA. The system of “making money” through dozens of “loot boxes” (also known as microtransactions) as well as having to work extremely hard to get the desired results makes gamers feel extremely disappointed. Before that situation, a whole wave of protests from customers and Star Wars fans poured into EA’s head uncompromisingly.

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The fan reaction is obviously not to be underestimated. Disneyhalf owner license of Star Wars immediately stepped in and forced EA to agree to immediately delete all microtransaction items in the game. This action is considered a move to save fans’ feelings for the Disney giant’s The Last Jedi movie, which is in the process of being released. Not stopping there, it is rumored that the other owner of this series is Lucasfilm is also in the process of finding a new publisher, such as Ubisoft or Activision, in the hope of bringing fans worthy Star Wars games. EA, of course, has lost the right to produce “star wars” titles.


Now that things have calmed down, Patrick Sodurland, EA’s newly appointed head of design, has just begun to share the company’s future plans:

“We’ve come a long way within the company to evaluate and understand the mechanics around the currency system, loot boxes, and other things in our games before bringing them to market. For the upcoming titles, Battlefield and Anthem, we certainly won’t make the same mistakes that players expect. Sure.”


Along with the major personnel change within the company, Sodurland also shared EA’s regret and regret for what happened with Battlefront II. After receiving negative feedback, EA also tried to solve the problem, but it seems it is still too late to save the situation. Obviously, the current Battlefront II is much better and more player-friendly than the Battlefront II when it first came out, but that still isn’t enough.


“We need to take action to prove that we are serious about making the best products, serious about treating players kindly, and to creating entertainment products. best possible. In case we don’t do it right, we need to listen to the community to make it better.”


Will these claims come true? Or is this just a PR trick to change the already bad feeling of gamers towards EA? Obviously, if Sodurland doesn’t want to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor, then this should be what he and his team will be doing in the near future. Battlefront II still has loyal fans, and they should be treated with kindness and respect on the part of the company.


In addition to the rumor that EA has lost the rights to Star Wars, we also have another rumor that the company is developing an open world game titled “Star Wars”. Two rumors, which is true, which is fake? The answer will lie in the attitude that EA shows to fans in the near future.​

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