E3 2018 – Square Enix gets hate by fans for… not performing at all

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This year is an important year for E3 2018 in general and Square Enix In particular.. It’s been a few years since the big man of the Japanese game industry has had a much-anticipated show at the big event of the world game village, making many people cherish not small hopes. Two of the names that attract the greatest hope are the project Avengers secrets and Final Fantasy VII Remake.


But after the performance began with the catchphrase “a new chapter is about to begin” and a 30-minute compilation video, Square Enix said… that’s all. Is not Final Fantasy VII nor Avengerseven Kingdom Hearts III was also taken out and replayed the same trailer that was shown at the Microsoft event. Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Just Cause 4 had almost the same fate when it was no longer impressive because it was introduced nearly a day earlier.


Dragon Quest XI is the other name that really creates the feeling of a hit product, but in reality it is not as hot as usual because in Japan the game has been released. This leaves 2 brand new rookies Babylon’s Fall and The Quiet Man shoulder the performance of Square Enix.. However, besides the two blurry teasers, they don’t provide much information to the viewer.

Babylon’s Fall.

The Quiet Man.

Not so, on forums, news sites and social networks.. the disappointment of fans for Square Enix is ​​shown everywhere. Some are openly reacting to the absence of Avengers as well as any Final Fantasy product except the MMORPG version FF14.. Others are starting to compare EA’s show or Square Enix’s show as worse at E3 this year.


Perhaps this is a new strategy of Square Enix? Perhaps this game company wants to surprise fans after this event? Maybe Sony with its show is the place to show the main products of Square Enix? No one knows.. It is only known that the giant of the Japanese game industry has just made his fans receive a bigger blow in a huge event of the virtual entertainment industry.

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