Dropping 2 places in an instant, is the famous Duong Hieu Pham VLTKm loser?

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In the past few months, the ranking of the top fighting force of Martial Arts Mobile there doesn’t seem to be too much volatility, maybe it’s just the increase in the score of the 3 familiar names that have been in the top 3 on the chart for so long. The leader is Hac Y Luu Bang, followed by Duong Hieu Pham and in third place is the young female giant Ryuu Tran Nu.

Returning to the most recent race to usurp the throne on VLTK Mobile’s battle strength chart more than a month ago. Right after Duong Hieu Pham became the first player of this game to hit the 14 million mark of combat power, and at the same time still entrenched his throne, just a week later, many people couldn’t help but be shocked. when Duong Hieu Pham fell to second place. Instead, another name – Hac Y Luu Bang (from server 4 – Hanh Son) is at the top of the chart and has been entrenched in this position for the past month.


However, in the second place to this day, there has been quite a drastic fluctuation when there is no longer a familiar name – Duong Hieu Pham, but belongs to another giant who is not too strange to him. VLTK Mobile player community – Qian Long De. With more than 13.9 million combat forces, Emperor Qianlong is temporarily standing right behind the throne. Third place is still the girl Ryuu Pearl. Meanwhile, Duong Hieu Pham dropped 2 places in a row to 4th place. This made many people quite surprised, especially when it happened right before the launch of the new version Ba Chien My Nhan in This coming July 27th makes many people speculate about a possible usurpation coming. At the moment, Emperor Qianlong is still more than 600 points less than Hei Yi Liu Bang.


The strength races on the battle force rankings always take place in such a surprising way. This proves one thing that the “fight” on the VLTK Mobile chart has never shown any signs of cooling down. Through the versions, the competition for rankings is always extremely exciting, thrilling and volatile. Needless to say, the identity of the top players is always a mystery that makes the wanderer curious and follow every step? Will Hei Yi Luu Bang entrench in this position for a long time or will Emperor Qianlong create any more illustrious usurpations in the future? Let’s wait and see how the next developments of the race will take place!

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