Dragon Ball Unreal – Game 7 Dragon Ball with terrible graphics officially revived

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7 Dragon Balls is a name that ranks among the legends of the entertainment world, deeply imprinted in the minds of so many generations.. That’s why fanmade products labeled 7 Dragon Balls always take turns offering, even though these are hand-drawn cartoons, short works or even own game projects.


Dragon Ball Unreal It’s a prime example of that when done by a single human being. However, contrary to common belief, this fanmade project has a super graphics background.. with a scale even beyond the official products. Not only that Dragon Ball Unreal also owns a cool combat system with visible weight and ferocity. Not to mention the goal of supporting a comprehensive multiplayer mode, so that the community can enjoy these battlefields with the fire of the 7 Dragon Ball world.


However, when the development was going well, suddenly his Youtube channel Emudshit was suddenly forced to stop working by Toei animation company based on YouTube’s copyright law. Although “lost contact” for a while, this gamer has returned and announced to continue his huge project. Expected Dragon Ball Unreal Will release a playable Demo this week or next. As soon as the game is officially for trial, Emergenceingame.Com will update the game download address for readers as soon as possible.

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