Dr Mario World Tips for Newbies

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For the first generation 8x and 9x, the drug puzzle game Dr Mario World is no stranger, in the game, you have to help the doctor arrange the pills according to a certain rule, destroy all the animals. pathogenic virus to win.

Dr. Mario World There are many levels that challenge the player’s limit when participating, to be able to climb to the next level, you need to complete the previous level, the difficulty of each level will be increased gradually. And like other games, Dr Mario World also has a few little tricks for newbies.

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Dr Mario World – Jigsaw puzzle on the phone

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Dr Mario World Tips for Newbies

1. Understand the rules of playing Dr Mario World
The main task of the player in Dr Mario World is to destroy the virus, you need to arrange the pills of the same color in a horizontal or vertical row with the virus to destroy them. For each pill, you can kill 1 or more viruses of the same color, and of course the number of pills will also have to increase.

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2. Make the most of it and clean up the pill
As mentioned above, each pill has different uses and you have to make the most of it. A pill can have 2 or 1 unique color, once you have used 1 color and the other color you do not use anymore, quickly collect and destroy them as soon as possible, to make room for other pills .

3. Use skills and items
Unlike the original version, Dr Mario World allows players to use a few skills in certain situations, which can help you blow away viruses in some emergency situations. Every time you pass the level, you can also get items, which allow you to complete the level faster without any problems.

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4. Reasonable use of Diamonds
In Dr Mario World, there is a rather rare currency, Diamonds that allow players to buy a lot of items, support you in the process of overcoming challenges, in addition, you can use them to unlock characters. To get Diamonds, you need to complete items, achievements … very hard to find. Therefore, it should not be used indiscriminately, and Taimienphi recommends that you only use it to unlock rare characters.

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Hopefully, Taimienphi’s Dr Mario World tutorial for newbies will help you have more reasonable tactical gameplay, effective methods of playing to pass each level, and own many rare characters. If you have any more effective tips or tricks, don’t hesitate to comment and let everyone know.

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