Dota 2: Is Medusa the only 1v5 carry in existence?

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Medusa is a strong hero of the meta, but if you just look at the stats, this hero seems to be weak against other carries, including Luna. However, there is one big difference between these carry and Medusa, that is Medusa has disable. In particular, those who exploit Medusa’s green sticks and Shards well will have better achievements in high ranks. And this will be the topic for us to analyze today.


There are three reasons why these upgrades make Medusa so powerful. The first reason is simple: Blue Stick adds up to all stats and Medusa is one of the few heroes to benefit from all three of these stats. Nothing from the green stick is wasted on Medusa.

The second reason is the ability to disable. When maxed out, it stuns for more than two seconds + 50% increased attack damage. That means Medusa can disable the team and effectively flip the teamfight.

Aghanim’s Shard creates countermeasures for Medusa even if Medusa is the first target. It is also the third reason why the green stick is so powerful for Medusa. Cold Blooded hits one target, it causes a lot of trouble for heroes, including most supports and some carries.

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All of the above makes Medusa a target that should not be aimed at the beginning of the teamfight and is very difficult to kill. You can initiate a fight with BKB to avoid being petrified by the first wave of snakes, but the Stone Gaze that penetrates BKB will also be turned on by Medusa.

Players can try to clear the surrounding heroes first, to focus on Medusa later, but this will also have the same problem. During teamfights, you will be constantly attacked by Mystic Snake and Medusa. With Medusa’s farming speed, this hero’s hand attack is very painful.

You can try to lure Stone Gaze, get out of the teamfight, and then re-enter, but that’s not easy to do. Also, especially in pubs, it can create a situation where half runs away while half stays, making things even worse.

Basically, what the article wants to emphasize is that Medusa is one of the strongest, if not the strongest, heroes in the game. This carry is very strong, possesses strong disable and ultimate teamfight.

At its peak, Medusa was almost impossible to confront head-on. Therefore, stopping the hero in the first place is seen as a must, but not always easy thing to do. Therefore, the team needs to have a clear plan if they want to win against Medusa.


Medusa has one major weakness: Slow movement speed. With an initial speed of 275 and without this stat boost, we can avoid bad fights. In addition, slow movement speed and lack of mobility are things the team can exploit. Forcing Medusa to react and use TP, means that the rest of the map will open up more profitable teamfights: Medusa will take a lot of time to move around the map.

Split-push is now almost extinct, but it is a way to force the opponent to make mistakes. Dealing with Medusa is not difficult already, but with support and support from members of the Medusa team, the chances of success in combat must be said to be quite low.

And don’t try to start a fight to catch Medusa if you’re not sure you’ll be able to kill it before the hero can counterattack. Using enough disables to stun Medusa continuously makes the hero unable to respond, but if Medusa can turn on Mystic Snake + Stone Gaze, the best way is to run away, because there is a high chance that Medusa will recover lost mana and ready for battle.

Medusa Dota 2 - Emergenceingame


The biggest problem started when Medusa was allowed to play actively, instead of passively. If the team and Medusa can safely come together and move as an army, this is where the real problem arises. It is best to prevent the opponent from reaching this stage by constantly clearing the wave of creeps, using hero push to force the opponent to react, but that is not always the case.

In this situation, when facing a strong Medusa pushing high ground, the article believes that the best way is to ignore Medusa and focus on Medusa’s logistics. Buy smoke if possible to cover the back, cast spells that range far to secondary targets, but don’t engage Medusa.

If we can open teamfight and kill enemy supports, maybe we can take advantage of humans. In other situations, it is better to use the cat-and-mouse tactic.

So what do you think about Medusa? Do you have any advice on how to handle this hero? If so, please share in the comments section below.

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