“Die” with Team’s spaceship-like gym that just won PUBG

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If you are a fan of PUBG You must have heard of it Oh My GodOMGThe competing team has officially won the championship in the FPP format of PUBG Global Invitational 2018 recently. With the performance and score overwhelming the rest, OMG has really established a new force in the world PUBG village.

However, few people know that behind the success of the company are “big hands” ready to support the organization Esports this in every way. The most typical of them is the training complex for OMG built in Shanghai with an area of ​​​​up to 2000 square meters.


However, the area is not the most impressive thing about this complex.. but instead its style is full of fiction. Designed by GuTeng Studio, this complex is a true spaceship with 3 separate floors.


It is reported that the first floor of the complex will be for the management area while the second floor will focus on the tournament King League Pro as Team Overwatch by OMG. Although the 3rd floor has not been revealed yet, there is a high possibility that it will be for Team LoL and PUBG of the Chinese team.

Looking at the scale of this complex, we also see how OMG is becoming a big force in the village. Esports and shows how serious China is in developing this sector. All relevant information will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.​

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