Details of update 6.3 PUBG PC, New Anti-Tank Weapon

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Right now, fans can directly access the Test Server to experience the new features and content in the updated version 6.3 PUBG PC, here Taimienphi would like to summarize some notable content in the session. update this time.

In this PUBG PC update 6.3, the developers have added M249 to all maps as regular loot, the appearance of the Panzerfaust anti-tank weapon on the Karakin map is something that every gamer cares about. most attentive.

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Detailed content of update 6.3 PUBG PC

1. New Panzerfaust Anti-Tank Weapon

Panzerfaust is a new anti-tank weapon with relatively large AOE (wide area) damage in PUBG PC, players rarely have the opportunity to see or touch Panzerfaust because of its rarity, this gun only appear on the map Karakin. Panzerfaust will occupy the main weapon position after picking up and this makes the player’s play strategy a lot less, not to mention when firing it leaves a rather long smoke line, your position is easy to detect. .

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2. Weapon balance

– M249: Removed M249 from the Relief Box and instead appeared on all Miramar and Erangel maps, reduced physical damage, harder to control recoil, increased capacity after equipping extended magazine.
+ Damage reduced to 40
+ Equip extended magazine => 150 rounds
Chi appears on Miramar and Erangel maps
+ Higher recoil.

– UMP 45​: Improved stats make UMP 45 a reliable weapon worth choosing in every match after the PUBG PC 6.3 update.
+ Base damage increased to 41
+ Gun’s firing speed increased to 670, bullet speed was also increased from 300 to 360.

– Tommy Gun: After updating PUBG PC 6.3, players equipped with Tommy Gun can add a scope to the gun, increasing the accuracy of each bullet and reducing the deflection of the gun in the long run.
Gun fire speed increased to 750
+ Can be equipped with a scope to increase the accuracy of each bullet
+ Tommy Gun is adjusted to reduce recoil so that the gun does not splash too much

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3. Bug fixes

– Teammate position is out of sync with observer’s screen in certain situations.
– Poor quality display map textures
– Vision deviation of Green Zone UI
– Unable to complete the quest Reach the top 10 after killing with QBZ / AKM in some situations
– Sticky bombs can now be found in Training Mode
– The Emote name of Victory 12 dance is not displayed properly
– Added ringtones for Sticky Bomb (Sticky Bomb)
– Added electrostatic sounds to the Green Zone so players can hear them when they get close.
Above is all the remarkable content in the PUBG PC 6.3 update that players need to grasp before joining the fight. During the game you feel the FPS drop, please follow the instructions how to increase FPS PUBG PC for a better experience when playing this hit PC game. Or don’t watch it PC configuration to play PUBG See if they are compatible with your computer.

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