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Developers PUBG Mobile periodically release updates that bring many new features to the game. The PUBG Mobile 1.1 update that came out in November and the PUBG Mobile 1.2 that was launched in December last year was a huge success. So what’s new in the next version – PUBG Mobile 1.3 update?

Like the previous updates, the update PUBG Mobile 1.3 also brings many new features, maps, weapons, and improvements to the game. Surely these innovations will not disappoint players. Do not wait any longer, we will together find out the details of the 1.3 PUBG Mobile update content soon.

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PUBG Mobile 1.3 update details

PUBG Mobile 1.3 update details

1. New Classic mode map: Karakin

PUBG Mobile 1.3 update introduces a new Classic mode map called Karakin, located on the coast of North Africa. It spans 2 square kilometers and this is an open, rocky and arid area. Basically, Karakin is a thrilling minimap that combines the tension of Miramar with the fast-paced gameplay of Sanhok. Up to 64 players will be able to participate in each match.

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You will experience long-range gunfights in the mountains, dramatic city battles that require strategy, and intense clashes in the dark underground. Map Karakin will give you the feeling that each match takes place on a different battlefield.

2. New Mechanic: Demolition Zone

Demolition Zone, the destruction area will immediately collapse buildings on Karakin map. The demolition zone is designed to get the player off the buildings and make the gameplay more intense, intense, and exciting. Damage is random and unpredictable.

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The process of buildings turning to rubble takes place in real time during the match. Even at the end of the game, the buildings here can disappear at any time. Players need to escape the area if they are in the Purple Region when the alarm goes off.

3. New Mechanic: Bullets can penetrate thin walls

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Bullets can now penetrate Karakin’s thin walls. If you find an enemy hiding behind a damaged wall, you can choose to fight immediately, or temporarily retreat and wait for the support of your teammates.

4. New Bomb Type: Sticky Bomb

This can be bad news for campers. This new addition to the game will create more exciting gameplay for players to experiment with. This special bomb will destroy walls in Karakin and deal damage to players camping. Sticky bombs can stick to walls and explode them. This will introduce more interesting gameplay for players to experiment with.

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After blowing them up, broken buildings will provide more shooting angles. In this new update, PUBG Mobile has also prepared many hidden spaces for you to find, so don’t forget to bring a stick bomb or two with you.

5. New Weapon: Panzerfaust

Panzerfaust will only be available in the Airdrop and will appear for a limited time. The Panzerfaust gun fires a missile, which explodes on hit. It deals damage to targets within 6m of impact. Panzerfaust’s missiles can knock down thin walls and penetrate objects at close range.

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Players can also use this weapon to break walls. Besides, the Panzerfaust is a disposable weapon. Additionally, launching a missile from the Panzerfaust will deal damage to all characters within 3m from the rear of the rocket launcher. Be sure to check your surroundings before firing. Panzerfaust can be adjusted to shoot 60m, 100m or 150m.

6. New gun: Mosin Nagant . sniper rifle

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Another weapon also coming to PUBG Mobile through update 1.3 is Mosin Nagant. This gun will appear on Erangel and Vikendi maps. It is a 7.62mm bolt-action sniper rifle. The special feature of this gun is that the bullet does not reduce damage with distance. If the enemy has no armor, you will be able to take out the target with a single shot.

7. New vehicle: Motor Glider

Motor Glider is a vehicle for 2 people, including 1 front seat for the driver and 1 rear seat. Vehicles will randomly spawn in Miramar and Vikendi. A special feature of this vehicle is that the player can use the weapon he wants on the vehicle.

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Players will be able to pilot the Motor Glider by moving a ramp to gain momentum and then pressing the Up button to make it fly. Note that fuel consumption is directly related to engine speed. The faster the car, the more fuel it will consume.

8. New Arena Map: Code-C

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PUBG Mobile 1.3 update also adds a new arena map. This map will bring a little change to the regular match. Code-C is small in size and has many long, narrow aisles suitable for extremely fast-paced gameplay. This map is especially suitable for players who like to participate in fierce battles. And it has enough space for players to use rifles, SMGs and sniper rifles.
PUBG Mobile 1.3 update brings a lot of interesting content and these are available at the test server before the official launch. Players can download and play PUBG Mobile 1.3 Beta from today.

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