Details of the Rules Of Survival update on June 20

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Hello players Rules of Survival.

As scheduled, Rules of Survival continues to release updates for gamers new features to help players have a better experience, this time Rules Of Survival will have an update for you on June 20. with new features such as expanding friends, adding Shadow Panther, optimizing images … Details of the Rules of Survival update on June 20, you can follow below.

Details of the Rules of Survival update on June 20


1. New content

  • Add props Friends Expansion Card, after buying at the Shop and using, the maximum number of friends will be increased by 30 people, each person can use up to 10 cards.
  • Monthly offers will be updated after maintenance on the 19th or 20th (Depending on the time of the region), delivered Shadow Panther brand new.

2 Basic experience

  • Image optimization: improving the sophistication of the architecture, optimizing the lighting efficiency of areas, optimizing the efficiency of greenery display, the density of trees is also adjusted. Display results and hiding in rice fields and flower fields of the two maps have been enhanced.
  • Optimized experience of tilting and changing bullets.
  • Added sound when Melee collides with items or kills enemies.
  • Warriors of the Grand Master and Bronze ranks are not allowed to party.

3. Interface

Optimized “Other” icon in Lobby

4 Error correction

Fixed the issue of not getting Red Black when exiting a previous game after death in party mode.

Windows logoRules Of Survival for PC
Windows logoRules Of Survival: The Law of Survival
Windows logoRules Of Survival Steam
Windows logoRules Of Survival for iOS
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All the above new experiences will be updated by Rules Of Survival for gamers from 5:00 am to 8:00 pm on June 20, in addition to the version of Rules Of Survival on PC, you can experience more new features at mobile version.

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