Details of the ROS 15/1 update, adding a new Rocket Skater character

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The latest addition in the Rules Of Survival update on January 15, introducing the new character Rocket Skater capable of flying and attacking in the air, the ROS 15/1 update definitely offers a way out. Brand new play for every gamer.

Last week, Rules of Survival also added 2 characters Surreal Dream and Surreal Boy on all Battle Royal battlefields, still not seeing enough, NPH continued to launch a character with stealth skills Rocket Skater looking like afterimages.

ros 15 update details

Rocket Skater – The newest character in Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival update maintenance time 15/1

– Time to carry out maintenance from 05:00 to 08:00 January 15, 2020
– Attention: The time may take longer than expected, gamers should not access the maintenance time frame, to avoid encountering unnecessary errors.

Detailed content of the Update Rules of Survival 15/1

1. New content.

– Update Hero
+ New Hero: Launched Rocket Skater, his Rocket Boots can fly through the air, delivering a fatal blow from the top of an enemy’s head.
+ Added the effect of Crack Sniper’s skill: Bullet damage when shooting when aiming will be higher.
+ Hero’s stealth effect: Hero’s stealth effect will look like afterimage, pay attention to who will see, no longer completely invisible.
+ Add passive effect for Killer Robot: When using the potion, the amount of healing is added.

2. Fix bugs.

– Fix the character abnormality when parachuting with Winged Wings.
– Fixed a bug where many characters were invisible when using Wingbuddy-Orca.
– Fix bug in the game, camera view and character stuck on the roof.
– Fix the bug in Hero of the Duel, the whole match did not drop the Hearing Box.

Payload x War Mode is a new game mode that is about to be added to the PUBG Mobile survival game, players are allowed to use grenade launchers to attack aircraft and other heavy weapons, unlimited respawns in the game. PUBG Mobile, a blend of 2 best shooting game modes.

Download and install the latest version of ROS

If you don’t have the Rules of Survival game on your computer or mobile device, download and install it according to the link below.
– Download link for Android version: Rules of Survival for Android.
– Download link for iOS version: Rules of Survival for iPhone.
– Link to download PC version: Rules of Survival for PC

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