Details of skills and quests to awaken Hayato Fire Fist in Free Fire

Hayato is the next character to be awakened in the survival shooter title Garena Free Fire. Let’s find out the details of skills and tasks to awaken Hayato Hoa Quyen in Free Fire in the article below!

Since Free Fire’s newest Advance Server test server was officially released this past July, players can register to participate and will have the opportunity to test out all the new features never before seen in the game. Officially through the article How to download and play Free Fire OB23 Advance Server here. And this test server seems to have a lot of changes, including changes to the character Hayato and the Awakening quest.

Details of Hayato

Information about the new character Hayato

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Detail skill and quest to awaken Hayato Fire Fist Free Fire

Hayato will be the second character after Kelly to be awakened in Free Fire. Interestingly, both of these characters come from the same family in Japan. Although this news has just been announced, there are many interesting things that surely Free Fire fans will be interested in. Let’s find out now!

details of the manual and the best practices of hayato in free fire

The awakened Hayato will have the name “Fireband”, and he is quite brightly colored. With the main color being sky blue, Hayato will have a skill called Art of Blades. Let’s see how Hayato was awakened through the manga below!

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How to play hayato in free fire

details of the key to vat hayato in garena free fire

How to play hayato in free fire

At level 1, “Fireman”‘s Art of Blades skill can reduce damage taken from the front by 35% for 6 seconds and has a cooldown of 50 seconds. However, this skill will be stopped if Hayato “Fireman” starts firing his gun.

details of manuals and functions of hayato

With the new skill, Hayato is expected to be a good choice for aggressive players who love close combat and like to play independently. This skill is even more effective when combined with Hayato’s other skills.
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