Detailed stats of each Hero/Chess in Dota Auto Chess

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Each champion in Dota Auto Chess has skills and effectiveness, which are used for different purposes, becoming strong line-ups. In the following article, you will learn in detail about each of the basic stats of the generals in Dota Auto Chess.

It can be said that Dota Auto Chess is diversified in terms of generals and attributes that bring completely different effects, players from there combine for themselves amazing combos, win and build a name in the game. Dota Auto Chess game village.

Check out the details of the famous hero in dota auto chess

To play Dota Auto Chess, you need a Dota 2 game, if you don’t have the game, download it here:

– Download Dota 2: Dota 2

Detailed stats of each type of chess champion in Dota Auto Chess

Recently, the game community has detailed statistics on the stats of the generals, including the amount of health, armor, magic resistance, attack speed and other attributes, so that players can know and use them. most reasonable use.

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Check out the details of dota auto chess

We can see Doom is a 4 Gold champion with pretty good stats with 1050 health and starting physical damage of 100, the highest among 1-star units, in addition with Ulti locking the target skill causing for the match to change direction in the blink of an eye.

Players can rely on the table to find and build themselves a squad with overall strength, or heroes with better stats with a close connection, although less than your team, but still win. Knowing how to coordinate you will survive the parts, counter the opponent.

Through this article, Taimienphi hopes you will better understand the classes and generals in Dota Auto Chess. Know the stats after leveling up, use them effectively and for the right purpose, win in this fierce arena, in addition, if you know the trick to earn Gold, you will be able to buy more items, participate in See the article on how to do it Earn Gold in Dota Auto Chess and make the most of it here.

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