DeathMatch What is the best AOE Empire to fight?

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Deathmatch is one of those genres where all players at the beginning have a resource of 20,000 real, 20,000 wood, 10,000 gold and 5,000 stone depending on the player setting life 4. Today will introduce to you. If you have the strongest army when playing Deathmatch in AOE Empire, which piece is the strongest and best?

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As one of the maps with abundant resources like Deathmatch then with melee scenes and the ability to coordinate overwhelming numbers of soldiers against the opponent. The position of the first house is also very important compared to the position of the game. The winner is the one who usually has a big advantage on the map, has a great business base.

deathmatch de cover aoe

DeathMatch What is the best AOE Empire to fight?

DeathMatch What is the best army to fight?

First we have to understand in Deathmatch which types of troops are decisive for the match:

Troops with Double Pedal: Egyptian, Roman, Shang, Hittle
Troops with magic flat cannons: Carthaginian, Greek, Minoan, Roman, Assyrian, Shang, Choson
Troops with god stone cranes: Hittle, Sumerian, Babylonian, Greek, Minoan, Roman, Assyrian, Palmyran
Army with elephants: Persian, Carthaginian, Phoenician, Macedonian, Hittle, Palmyran
Troops without god huts: Persian, Roman, Minoan, Shang, Yamato

Which piece to choose in Deathmath

The highest rated pieces in the Deathmatch map include the likes of Hittle, Greek, Persian, Choson, Carthaginian, Babylonian

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deathmatch is the best way to cover aoe 2

Hittile is a very diverse army, has all the necessary power, can transform in many positions. The biggest point of Hittile is that the god stone crane has twice the health of the other pieces.

The main unit used in Deathmapby Hittile

– God stone crane (with +25%) health

Another choice

– God’s hut
– Double pedal
– Elephant God
– Medicine God
– Horse god

Important upgrades are indispensable

– Wheel, blood head, interceptor, fire and long range of the magic stone crane


– No Ballista flat cannons
– No house BY
– No rocking

2. Persian

deathmatch is the most popular deathmatch 3

Crazy elephant is the top recruit in the Persian Deathmatch, a fear compared to any type of army if there is no Ballista (also known as flat cannon) god or there are not many flat cannons. As a type of army without wheels, the Persians needed to build fields to have an abundance of food.

The main unit used when holding the Persian

– Elephant God, also known as Crazy Elephant, butt elephant (have a running speed of +25% compared to other army elephants)

Other types of troops can also be used

– Horse god
– BB God
– Gold Slash

Other important upgrades

– Blood head, block shot


– Too dependent on gold
– No house BY
– The field is deducted 30% from other pieces

3. Choson

deathmatch de cover aoe

Is a type of army that is not inferior to any army and is quite appreciated when solo in Deathmatch. Choson’s advantage is god’s hut and god BB. Because of such an advantage, wherever they go, the opponent will lose their home.

Main unit used

– God BB + 80 health compared to other troops’ BB
– God hut +2 range compared to other god hut

Another choice

– Flat cannons

Other important upgrades

– Wheels and interceptors


– No god Horse, no blood head

4. Carthaginian

deathmatch to cover aoe

In Deathmatch, Carthaginians often use elephants and flat gods. With the magic elephant having +25% health compared to the other army’s elephant, the magic flat cannon shoots the fastest out of all the flat cannons.

Main unit used

– Elephant butt + 25% health

Other choices:

– Medicine God
– Flat cannons

Other important upgrades

– Wheel, blood head, interceptor, fire, long range of god stone crane, fast running of god


– Elephants move slowly
– There is no big stone crane

5. Greek

deathmatch is the best way to cover aoe 6

In the AOE empire, the 3rd generation Greek was very weak, but the 4th generation Greek was very strong in the duo of two magic cannons or as a healer with the god’s movement speed being increased by up to 30%

Main military unit

– Song magic cannon (god rock crane and god flat cannon)

– Medicine God

There is no other choice

Important Upgrades

– Wheels, fast running for Medics, long range for cannons and cranes


– Too much reliance on gold
– No Horse with Elephant

6. Babylonian

deathmatch de cover aoe

Babylonian is classified as a recruit in Deathmatch thanks to the variety of troops. There are no elephants, no magic horses, no magic cannons and no full technology, but there is a god hut with twice the health (ie 480 health) compared to other huts.

Units used:

– Cabin
– Double pedal
– God stone crane
– Witch
– Cannons

There is no other choice

Other important upgrades

– Wheels, bloodheads, interceptors, flamethrowers and ranged upgrades for cannons and rock cranes


– Except for the castle, the army is not strong at all

Above, has analyzed in detail for you 6 types of troops with a very strong influence in the Deathmap genre. There are many types of matches or bets that are often played like 4-4 Random Deathmatch.
Memorizing all the empire shortcuts will help you operate faster, more proficiently, so that you can grow faster than your opponent and win. However, to memorize all the extremely large number of these empire shortcuts is not simple, you can refer and memorize with the article summarizing empire shortcuts, synthesizing hotkeys for AOE games. be shared on

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