Deadpool brought World Cup tickets to his home to redeem himself with David Beckham

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Bad mercenary name Deadpool always makes people laugh because of his sloppiness. That’s also what makes him different in a universe filled with great superheroes like Marvel. Following the success of part 1, Deadpool 2 Before its release, it promises to be an attractive film, filled with thrilling action scenes and equally humorous.


With the muddy “not afraid of heaven, not afraid of my land”, Deadpool No one in this world can escape his sarcasm and teasing. The mercenary is ready to kick the whole world, from the Justice League to the DC universe, and even the big man he is about to return to – Disney. Surely everyone still remembers, in part 1 Deadpool used to tease the voice of former football player – David Beckham. Recently, he suddenly felt regret and went to the British player’s house to apologize.

Beckham is still very angry when watching the video of Deadpool teasing him

However, after many times knocking on the door and showing their sincerity by delivering breakfast, gifting a bunch of balloons or inviting a band to perform, Deadpool They also received a harsh rejection from David Beckham. It was only when he gave the last trick, giving the former player two tickets to watch the World Cup, that the two could hug each other to make peace. The funniest thing is Deadpool I always thought Beckham was mad at me for making fun of his voice. But Beckham made a surprise when he revealed he was angry Deadpool by the “bad” movies that Ryan Reynolds (the actor who plays Deadpool) has participated in such as: Boltneck, Blade: Trinity, Green Lantern

Deadpool revolves around Wade Wilson, a person with incurable cancer who experimented with becoming a mutant with super-speed recovery like Wolverine. Deadpool is an extremely popular anti-hero character in the Marvel universe because of his humor with his mouth that never stops talking nonsense. Go to part 2, Deadpool will confront the killer Cable, a man from the future with a plot to kill a baby – who he says will later become a powerful mutant. In an effort to ensure the baby’s safety, Deadpool will receive help from both new and old friends, and especially members from a newly formed army called X-Force.

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