CS:GO World Rankings for April 2019

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CS:GO world rankings

April of CSGO was very busy, with many big events. Earlier this month, Natus Vincere lifted the StarSeries i-League Season 7 trophy in Shanghai after beating fnatic.

navi csgo starseires season 7 - Emergenceingame
Natus Vincere opens April with a big win in Shanghai

Less than a week later, FaZe overpowered Liquid in the BLAST Pro Series Miami finals, claiming their second title of 2019 and their first major win. The end of April of the major tournaments is IEM Sydney: Liquid breaking the final curse, surpassing the fnatic team in the BO5 series.

Scoring mechanism

Here are tTo summarize the factors that affect the scores of the teams on the leaderboard each month:

The leaderboard has a base score of teams based on their performance in the previous year (achievement points). Then there is the “Form” score, which is calculated based on the individual achievements of the Players in the team and the results of online tournaments in the last 2 months. Finally, the LANs point, this point is calculated based on the performance in offline tournaments within the last 3 months.

Also, if a team wants to keep their base score before the new month’s score is calculated, their lineup must hold at least 3 Players from the previous month. And as mentioned above, the results of the online competition only slightly affect the scores in the “Form” section and it is mainly counted for the purpose of ranking some new teams on the rankings (this is possible. Understandably, because LANs scores affect a lot, teams that don’t have a place to compete offline but want to go up the rankings have to work hard at online tournaments).


Here is the standings of the teams for the month April 2019the “+/-” signs represent the promotion and relegation of the teams, and the difference is when compared with the March 2019 rankings, not the weekly team rankings.

Here are five takeaways from the April rankings:

Liquid follows Astralis

While the defending world champion Astralis is almost out of the LAN in April, Liquid is looking to close the score gap.

Reaching the final of BLAST Pro Series Miami and then the IEM Sydney 2019 championship, helping Liquid add 328 points. This makes the team take second place in the world only 186 points behind Astralis.

Liquid won IEM Sydney 2019
Liquid is gradually closing the gap between themselves and Astralis

The two teams will face each other in June at the ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals. That’s the time when Liquid need to play stably if they want to take the throne that Astralis is holding. If successful, the North American boys will break the world number 1 record that Astralis has held for more than a year.

Fnatic leaps to 6th place

In the past month, the Swedish team twice continuously participated in the finals of two big events.

The first event, StarSeries i-League Season 7 saw fnatic overtake the likes of NiP, North and NRG. Unfortunately, they lost to the world number 3 team, Natus Vincere. In the recent IEM Sydney tournament, the team faced the number 2 in the world and fought all 5 maps but lost with the final result of 3-2.

Fnatic CSGO - Emergenceingame
fnatic returned to its position in February 2019

fnatic’s performances in both Shanghai and Sydney send a warning to all of their opponents, showing that the legend is making a comeback. Let’s wait and see if the fnatic boys can keep up this form: the next test will be DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019.

In addition, the Swedish team is currently in Group A of the 2nd round of ESL Pro League Season 9 – Europe, a tournament where members have a high chance of participating in the final round of $750,000 in France.

NRG is back in the top 10

The NRG roster is back in the top 10 after reaching the playoffs of StarSeries i-League Season 7 and IEM Sydney. Notably, on both occasions, fnatic was the team that knocked them out of the tournament – ​​marking an interesting rivalry between these two teams.

In addition to high rankings at two major events, NRG also won the right to attend the ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals – which will take place in Montpellier, France after topping Group A in North America.

NRG CSGO - Emergenceingame
NRG proves to be a top 10 lineup

NRG’s return to the top 10 shows the potential strength of this roster. Although there were times when it was not possible to compete with more experienced squads, but NRG played stably. If we continue to accumulate more experience, NRG will certainly go deeper in future tournaments.

mousesports revived

mousesports completely lost the ball in the top 30 in the March rankings – during this time the organization is trying to recover from the defeat at the Minor.

Since then, this restructured lineup has re-emerged. mousesports just entered the ESL Pro League Season 9 Europe but beat every opponent in Group A to a 3-0 record – and also qualified for the LAN Finals in Montpellier. In the first major event, mousesports only made it to the quarterfinals before being knocked out by MIBR.

mousesports karrigan - Emergenceingame
mousesports is looking to make a comeback

Although relatively new, this mousesports lineup has a lot of young talent and karrigan’s leadership. Once these two factors are completed, this European squad is fully qualified to participate in the highest CSGO arena, like karrigan’s previous projects.

China is no longer represented in the top 30

Both TYLOO and ViCi were dropped from the top 30 in the rankings, leaving MVP PK as the only Asian representative in the top.

TYLOO started the month with disappointing results at StarSeries i-League Season 7 – going 1-3 in the group stage and only taking out fellow competitor Panda. Then, TYLOO successfully defeated Panda to qualify for the LAN DreamHack Masters Dallas tournament 2019.TYLOO - Emergenceingame

ViCi, like its compatriot team, also attended the StarSeries Finals in Shanghai. The team had a similar record to TYLOO but lost to champion Natus Vincere. The Chinese team then surrendered in the semifinals, losing to Vital Spark in the China qualifier for DreamHack Masters Dallas and finished 3rd in the ESL Pro League Asia group stage. Before the end of April, ViCi also attended IEM Sydney but lost to NRG and then the Chiefs.

ViCi is unlikely to return to the top 30 in the near future, especially since they lost WingHei star “Freeman” Cheung. Therefore, Chinese fans can expect TYLOO. TYLOO will be moving to Dallas at the end of May in search of success. In addition, TYLOO is also one of 8 teams that reached the 2nd round of ESL Pro League Season 9 Asia – deciding on their own right to participate in Montpellier.

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