CS:GO player tragically died at the age of 19, his family sued the game organization for being treated too badly

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bruttJ, young talent CS:GO Brazilian on Imperial payroll Esports passed away last December, the cause was initially thought to be complications related to a brain infection. However, the story behind may not be simple when the bruttJ family recently filed a lawsuit Team Reaper and Imperial Esports – the Esports organization that this gamer once played because he believes that the extremely poor and poor living conditions in the clubs are the cause of his tragic death.


As reported by UOL, bruttJ suffered from severe headaches, constant vomiting and loss of vision after moving to Team Reaper’s residence in August 2019. Other players on the team also often feel nauseous and suspect that the cause may be due to the unsanitary water source. “Some people have intestinal problems but we’re not sure if it’s the water or the food,” a former player said.

BruttJ’s health problems worsened when he decided to switch to Imperial in November 2019. According to bruttJ’s mother, the players could not rest properly because the accommodation was arranged too close to the local airport and food was scarce. After reporting the condition to organization management, the gamers were eventually moved to another house but bruttJ passed away from complications just a few days later. Imperial sent $150 to support bruttJ’s family medical expenses before transferring another $1,000 after his death.


However, bruttJ’s family blamed the lack of care and poor living conditions of both organizations as the cause of his death. They decided to apply to the Labor Department to sue both Imperial and Team Reapers.

“There is a lot of evidence that the living conditions in esports organizations are extremely bad. They don’t provide enough health care for players and do nothing when gamers have health problems while playing,” the lawyer representing the bruttJ family told UOL.


In response, Imperial completely denied the allegations, arguing that the living conditions of the organization had absolutely nothing to do with bruttJ’s death because he was in fact only on the team for 15 days. Imperial also said that they contacted the family of this gamer to negotiate but failed. Meanwhile, Team Reapers also denied responsibility when saying that bruttJ when living in their home did not show any symptoms of illness. It’s unclear how things will turn out at the time of writing.​

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