CSGO – Gamer spends 1.3 billion on rare gun skins that have never been seen

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CSGO – Game title FPS cult of Valve, has just witnessed the largest transaction in its history. We’ve always known how far hardcore fans are willing to go to show their love.. but the scale of this transaction has left many people stunned.


Accordingly, an extremely wealthy fan has officially paid an amount of up to 61,000 USD, or about 1.3 billion VND for AWP’s “Dragon Lore” skin on Facebook. OPSkins, which is more familiar to us through the nickname “four six”. In fact, Dragon Lore has always been famous for being an expensive and rare item, but this particular item has something that almost no CSGO item has.


There, this Dragon Lore skin has a sticker of “Skadoodle” – member of the team Esports professionally Cloud9 just won. Just a few days ago, Cloud9 recorded its name in history when winning the tournament Eleague Major: Boston with extremely stressful situations for viewers. There, the final that Cloud9 competed in is being considered as one of the historic milestones of the village electronic Sports when it comes to winning and losing through 2 consecutive extra innings.


Not only that, this skin is also in the “Souvenir” category, which is only available in the crates appearing in the Major. These special skins will be attached with unique stickers, which can be considered as personal “signatures” of gamers competing in the tournament. Not only that, it is also in “Factory New” status, which is the highest level in the quality rating of the effects that the skin brings. In short, an already rare AWM Dragon Lore skin, now with a unique sticker and “pure” status.. is considered a rarest item in CSGO.

According to the seller, a member with the nick “Drone” on OPSkins said that he bought this skin for $ 35,000 and sold it for $ 61,000, marking a historic deal in the CSGO village so far. .

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