CSGO: Astralis convinces Liquid to take the title of ELEAGUE Premier 2018

Astralis Liquid ELEAGUE Premier 2018 1 Cropped - Emergenceingame

Astralis became the champion of ELEAGUE Premier 2018 after defeating Liquid in just 2 maps (16-5 Inferno and 16-12 Nuke).

It took Astralis just two hours to step onto the podium and claim her fourth title since the start of the year. It seemed that Liquid would play confidently after defeating Natus Vincere in the semi-finals, but it seems that the Danish problem is too difficult for them. At Inferno, Liquid was shot to death by Astralis, but in Nuke, the match became more intense. Unfortunately, in the end, Astralis still finished the opponent. The Danes will bring home a check for $500,000 and enter the summer vacation for the players with the number 1 position in the world.

The match kicked off at Inferno, Liquid’s map pick. Astralis’ Magisk opened the door with a 4th round pistol, giving his team the lead. Unexpectedly, he fell on his own map pick, Liquid couldn’t find a way through the opponent’s defense.

Astralis, with the excellence of Magisk, knows Liquid’s offensive tactics like the back of his hand. In the 13th round, the North American team almost scored for themselves after planting a bomb in a 2v2 situation, but Magisk successfully clutched it. Liquid won the final round before entering the second round.

To T, Astralis won the pistol round again. However, the North American team responded immediately, winning several rounds in a row. Unfortunately, their efforts were quickly extinguished in the 21st round.

Going to the Nuke map, Liquid is determined to end Astralis’ impressive 14-0 record on this map. They quickly led 3-0 on the CT side. Astralis then won the first round of guns without losing a single person, but Liquid also responded strongly.

gla1ve then rescues his team with a 1v3 clutch while himself barely having a good gun. The Danes won another round, closing the gap to the bottom, but Liquid tightened their defense and took the lead by four rounds.

When things slowly spiraled out of control for Astralis, they exploded and took the last 3 rounds of the T side to reach a score of 7-8.

Magisk got himself a 4, which solved Liquid’s split in the pistol round. The Danish team won 2 more eco rounds to lead 10-8. However, after Liquid bought the gun, the game changed immediately, the North American team won 3 more rounds to take the lead.

dev1ce didn’t let the game slip out of his hands and fought hard with the AWP. He made important picks in the Outside area, helping Astralis finish the game with a score of 16-12.

Astralis Liquid ELEAGUE Premier 2018 - Emergenceingame

Here are the final rankings of the teams at ELEAGUE Premier 2018:

first. Denmark Astralis – $500,000

2. North America Liquid – $200,000

3-4. Ukraine Natus Vincere – $80,000

3-4. Europe mousesports – $80,000

5-6. Brazil MIBR – $40,000

5-6. Sweden fnatic – $40,000

7-8. United States Cloud9 – $30,000

7-8. Europe FaZe – $30,000

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