Control Google Chrome, CocCoc “eats RAM” with The Great Suspender

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The situation of “eating RAM” on Google Chrome and CocCoc is increasingly difficult to control. Even a 4GB RAM laptop quickly runs out of resources after opening multiple tabs. Take control of Chrome and CocCoc consuming RAM with The Great Suspender, a useful tool that encourages you to use.

In the past, everyone who used Firefox said that Firefox was consuming RAM, at that time Google Chrome embodied as a light and attractive browser. Now, the situation seems to have turned around as Google’s browser is increasingly consuming more RAM after updates. But don’t worry, with The Great Suspender utility you will no longer have to worry about your computer running out of RAM. Because tabs that are inactive for a certain time will quickly be put into hibernation by The Great Suspender. To control Google Chrome “eating RAM” with The Great Suspender, refer to the steps below.

Control Google Chrome, CocCoc “eats RAM” with The Great Suspender

Attention: Because Google Chrome and CocCoc both use the same Chromium open source code, this utility can be applied with CocCoc browser.

Step 1: First you download and install The Great Suspender here: The Great Suspender

Step 2: Once installed, The Great Suspender will appear on the toolbar of Google Chrome.

check google chrome an ram the great suspender

Step 3: At this time, inactive tabs will automatically be put into hibernation. So the computer will not have to lose resources for them anymore.

good google ram

You can also select Suspend Tab to put any tab into hibernation.

  google an ram

Step 4: With advanced settings, you can access Options > General settings. Here are the following options.

  • Automatically suspend tabs after: Time to put tab to hibernate
  • Do not suspend pinned tabs: Skip pinned tabs
  • Do not suspend tabs that contain unsaved form inputs: Select this mode if you do not want to put the data entry tabs into hibernation. For example, if you are writing something in the middle and then switch to another tab, the currently writing tab will not be hibernated.
  • Only auto-suspend connedted to the internet: Automatically hibernate only when connected to the internet
  • Only auto-suspend if running on battery: Auto hibernate only when on battery
  • Automatically unsuspend when tab gains focus: Automatically quit hibernation when you interact with tab
  • Add The Great Suspender to right-click context menu: Add The Great Suspender to the right-click menu
  • Whitelist: List of disabled websites. List of websites separated by commas, for example,

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So has introduced to you how to control Google Chrome to eat RAM with The Great Suspender. Surely when using this utility, the amount of RAM on your computer will be significantly improved. However, you should still whitelist some important and frequently used websites to avoid being mistakenly turned off, in addition, you can refer to speeding up chrome by optimizing for smoother browsing that we provide. Chrome acceleration not only helps you surf the web effectively and helps Chrome save RAM.
Have you ever wondered how much RAM your computer needs? Depending on the needs of working or playing games, the corresponding amount of RAM will be needed for your computer, so the question of how much RAM is enough depends on many other reasons.

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