Constantly insulting, threatening the developer, Youtuber is “removed” from all EA games

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Kurt Fenech “Kurt0411” is a fairly well-known YouTuber in the FIFA gaming community, but instead of “reputation”, he emerged with more “notoriety”. Although many times he was banned from the account or kicked out of the tournament because of his extreme statements and actions, this young man still did not learn from experience. And finally, after repeatedly insulting, even threatening the development staff, this Youtuber had to receive the heaviest punishment ever – being punished. EA “remove” from all games and services it offers.


In fact, there has been a conflict between Fenech and EA for a long time, this Youtuber also used to curse and spit on the EA logo during livestream. So this extremely severe punishment is ultimately just the last drop of water after so many unacceptable behaviors of this young man. Explaining the reason for the decision to issue the ban, EA said:


In response, Fenech did not feel remorse for his actions, the YouTuber believed that he did nothing wrong. He promises to “beat EA”, although no one knows how he will. However, the majority of the loyal audience understood and sympathized with the Youtuber’s behavior and that even if he switched to playing other games, they would still support them wholeheartedly.


At the end of the day I never said anything I should have. This is just deeper than anyone thought. They didn’t want me to compete at events because they were afraid I would have won them, now I am the 2nd biggest streamer in their game and they are afraid I have overtaken their golden boy

Although not being banned from platforms like Twitch or Youtube, being completely banned from all EA games and services is quite difficult. It seems that EA is very strong to ensure players do not violate its rules. The ban may be lifted at some point in the future but at least for now Kurt0411 is forced to play other games on his Youtube channel.​

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