Comparing Google Chrome and Firefox, which web browser is lighter and faster?

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Compare Google Chrome and Firefox browsers to see which has better performance or has more interesting features and better user service.

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Each web browser has its own unique features and applications, among the best and most popular web browsers today, Google Chrome and Firefox are two of the most popular and well-known browsers. . So let’s go to find out the difference between these two best web browsers and compare which browser has superior speed, performance and many other parameters.

compare chrome and firefox

Compare Google Chrome and Firefox browsers

Compare Google Chrome and Firefox browsers

* Information about Google Chrome and Firefox

– Google Chrome:

Google Chrome is a free web browser, developed by Google, using the V8 engine platform. The open source project behind Google Chrome is known as Chromium. The official announcement is set for September 3, 2008

On May 21, 2012, Google Chrome officially surpassed Internet Explorer and became the most popular browser in the world. As of August 2016, according to statistics of StatCounterChrome had a global market share of about 62% of desktop web browsers.

Chrome and Firefox browser comparison

Google Chrome vs Firefox Browser Comparison – Google Chrome Browser

Currently, Google has the latest version of Chrome 54 and users can download the latest version of Google Chrome to receive the latest features. For example, in the upcoming Chrome 55 version, the Chrome browser will be lighter, with better performance improvements. Meanwhile, with Chrome Beta 54 version on Android phones, users can now run YouTube videos easily in the background.

– Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source web browser from the Mozilla Application Package, managed by Mozilla Corporation. Firefox was first released on November 9, 2004. Currently, according to the list of MarketShareFirefox is standing at the third position in the top of the best web browsers today after Google Chrome, IE.

Chrome and firefox web browser comparison

Compare Google Chrome and Firefox browsers- Firefox browser

Firefox currently has the highest version, Firefox 49. With this version, Firefox has almost improved performance, less RAM, removed Hello and improved Reader Mode. In the upcoming Firefox 51 versions, users can also see the RAM occupied, display the zoom level, and a sad thing when the Firefox 53 version, the Firefox web browser stops supporting. Windows Vista or Windows XP too.

* Compare performance, RAM consumption, security, utility features

Although each browser has a different look and features, in general Firefox or Google Chrome has basic features to serve the basic browsing needs of users.

– Design interface

In general, each browser pursues a distinct design style. If Google Chrome pursues a simple style, Firefox tends to customize and expand according to the user’s discretion.

– Performance (including page load speed)

+ Google Chrome: This web browser uses the V 8 Engine platform and is an open source engine. V8 Engine is also an independent component that other browsers do not have, this is also the point of success of Chrome compared to Firefox or IE.

In addition, Google Chrome also invested in developing a high-speed JavaScript engine to speed up the browser. The disadvantage of Google Chrome is that it runs many tasks that lead to RAM consumption.

firefox vs chrome web browser comparison

Compare Google Chrome and Firefox browsers – Google Chrome speed test

+ Firefox: Firefox has a fast browsing speed, but the downside is that the startup time is slower than Google Chrome

In particular, both browsers have a common feature, which is to divide memory into separate tabs, which helps users to continue using the browser even if a tab crashes unexpectedly. However, that is also the cause of the computer’s RAM consumption.

use chrome or firefox

Compare Google Chrome and Firefox browsers – Firefox speed test

– RAM consumption

In terms of RAM consumption, if previously both Google Chrome and Firefox were considered the two most RAM-hungry browsers today, so far, Firefox ensures less RAM consumption, Google Chrome also has many improvements to reduce RAM consumption. However, like the question why does Google Chrome consume a lot of RAM, the answer is that Firefox has a lot of RAM-consuming improvement and is better than Google Chrome.

– Security

Firefox and Google Chrome both have built-in anti-malware security tools and warn users when they visit a malicious website, potentially viruses, malicious code, trojans can install on your computer.

The limitation of Google Chrome compared to Firefox is that there is no true Master Password to manage passwords in the browser. Both Firefox and Google Chrome browsers allow users to view passwords stored in the browser, but the Master Password feature on Firefox helps prevent unauthorized users from accessing it, contributing to data protection. user.

– Utility features, extensive customization capabilities

In terms of customization and extensibility, Google Chrome and Firefox are almost the most special today. The two browsers have a rich store of extensions and add-ons to download and use to add different interesting features. Google’s browser allows users to change the Google Chrome wallpaper, similar to Firefox. Another thing in common is that Google Chrome and Firefox both support change Firefox languageGoogle Chrome thanks to the diverse language support system.

On top of both Google Chrome and Firefox browsers have their own advantages and disadvantages, understanding the history and advantages and disadvantages of each browser helps you to browse the web much more efficiently. Especially, both of these browsers allow downloading IDM, installing and downloading YouTube videos, after installing IDM users can easily turn on IDM on Google Chrome or Firefox easily.
Hope the above knowledge is useful to readers!

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