Compare Free Fire guns vs PUBG Mobile guns, what’s the difference?

In this article, will list all the guns in PUBG Mobile and Free Fire , then proceed to compare them to let you know the difference in guns of these 2 games.

PUBG Mobile and Free Fire are the 2 most popular survival shooter games today with millions of downloads and a huge loyal fan base. Both of these games offer diverse weapon systems that players can use to take down opponents on the battlefield. Weapons are divided into different categories in both PUBG Mobile and Free Fire. And sometimes, players compare the guns included in PUBG Mobile and Free Fire to see if they have anything similar and different.

compared to other players in pubg mobile and garena free fire

Compare guns in PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire

The article will compare the guns in these 2 hit Battle royale games, but not about each weapon separately, but compare different classes and categories of weapons to give you a clearer view of the system. PUBG Mobile and Free Fire’s guns.

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The difference in weapons in PUBG Mobile and Free Fire

1. Assault Rifle/DMR

There is no DMR weapon class in Free Fire – all rifles except sniper rifles are classified as AR. While both games have a large selection of guns (Free Fire has 12 in the AR category, PUBG Mobile has 10 ARs and 6 DMRs) only 4 of them are identical: Groza, SKS, VSS and SCAR. VSS is the SMG in Free Fire.

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free fire vs. pubg mobile

You might think that basic weapons like the AK and M4 are the same, but that’s not the case. The AKM in PUBG is a modern version of the classic AK while the Free Fire version is essentially a classic. The M416 and M16A4 guns in PUBG Mobile are the M4A1 guns in Free Fire.

Differences between different types of games in pubg mobile and free fire

The most special gun in this category is probably Free Fire’s Heat Gun, the only gun in both games that doesn’t use bullets. Overall, PUBG Mobile wins this category, due to the higher number of weapons and variety.

2. SMG

In the SMG class, PUBG mobile has 6 guns while Free Fire has 7 guns. Only 2 guns, UMP and Thompson, are identical. 2 games both have classic SMG guns with Free Fire as P90 and PUBG Mobile as UZI. Regarding the classic SMG – the MP5 gun, Free Fire once again has the original version while PUBG has a modified MP5K version.

free fire vs. pubg mobile

In Free Fire, there is also a fictional gun in this class called the CG15, which has the ability to fire a single shot with much higher damage.

3. Sniper Rifle

PUBG Mobile wins again in this category with 4 guns while Free Fire has 3. Just a few months ago, Free Fire only had 2 sniper rifles, AWM and Kar98k, quite similar to PUBG Mobile.

But the difference is different when in pubg mobile

With Free Fire’s higher total HP, body shots with sniper rifles aren’t nearly as deadly as in PUBG Mobile – players are forced to aim for the head. Strangely, the 3 sniper rifles in Free Fire deal the same amount of damage in the body, unlike PUBG Mobile when the AWM is king. Free Fire seems to try to make up for its lack of variety with the addition of special abilities: The new unique Sniper Rifle M82B is capable of dealing more damage to vehicles.

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free fire vs sung pubg mobile

4. Other Guns

Besides the 3 guns as above, PUBG Mobile and Free Fire don’t really have anything in common in the pistol or LMG class. The general trend is that Free Fire focuses on the iconic weapons that a lot of shooters have while PUBG Mobile will use an obscure variant of them.

free fire and pubg mobile are different from each other

Furthermore, Free Fire also has some fantastic futuristic weapons like the “Treatment gun” or the “Hand Cannon” hybrid shotgun/pistol and the 1,200-shot Gatling gun.

In addition, Free Fire has a class of weapons that PUBG Mobile does not have, which is Launcher. These weapons are definitely great additions to the game and enhance the survival shooting gameplay a lot. PUBG Mobile’s counterpart for that weapon class is probably RPG, only used in arena mode.

Although both games are true e-sports, Free Fire’s weapons seem to be more geared towards “fun” than PUBG Mobile’s “realistic” style. Having fun is not a bad thing because both PUBG Mobile and Free Fire have their own style, strengths and weaknesses.
Above is a comparison article between PUBG Mobile gun and Garena Free Fire gun. In addition, you should also follow the article about tips Fix lag when playing Free Fire on your phone for a better experience.

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