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Even though it is a paid game, Overwatch still captures the hearts of many gamers. Also by beautiful graphics, vivid, with extremely new gameplay.

Not only Overwatch, but other games also come with terms that only players can understand. If you just joined, still “Wet feet are dry” Do not fully understand this game, please refer to the article below to understand what fellow players are trying to say.


Basic terms in the game Overwatch

Terms related to heroes, game interaction

  • Projectile: The weapons and bullets fired at a certain trajectory and speed.
  • Primary Weapon: The main weapon of the general.
  • Headshot: Hit between the center of the head.
  • Hitscan: Weapons that only need to aim and click will calculate the amount of damage inflicted.
  • Sight / Line of Sight / LoS: Observations in front of the screen.
  • Ray: Weapons that shoot light beams and beams like lasers.
  • Kit: All skills and weapons of the hero.
  • Clip: Maximum magazine magazine.
  • Reload: Haunt just the act of replacing bullets into guns.
  • Range: Shooting range in general.
  • Falloff: Explosive shells reduce damage at long range.

The term refers to actions, skills

  • Push: Mobilize generals to coordinate against the enemy.
  • Flank: Stalking action suddenly attacked.
  • Engage: Approach to put the target in your range.
  • Disengage: Avoid enemy attack range.
  • Snipe: Shoot from very far (sniper).
  • Aim: Target shooting skills.
  • Positioning: Skills of moving positions.
  • Re-position: Strategically repositioned or being attacked from a distance.
  • Group Up: Move position, focus to prepare to attack.
  • Zone: The skill of pressing the opponent’s angle.

The term for a specific position in the map

  • Choke / Choke Point: Positions that attack only one way (constriction point).
  • Highground: The positions are higher than the main road.
  • Payload: Target is the vehicle or armor in the Escort or Hybrid map.
  • Point: Targets should be captured immediately in Assault, Hybrid or Control maps.
  • Objective (OBJ): Assumes both Payload and Point.

Hopefully the above article will help you play the game more effectively, bringing in extremely enjoyable entertainment moments. If you also want to join DotA, Raid good Pokémon GO You should also refer to the specific terms for each of these games.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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