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At 10 o’clock on September 20, Tieu Dao Mobile officially gamers and readers on mobile platforms today, along with NPH, give gamers a reward of Code Tieu Dao Mobile including many equipment and items. Value makes the experience better.

Sword-playing game Tieu Dao Mobile possesses a full-fledged gameplay with 3 completely different appearance sects, Tieu Dao Mobile is a pure role-playing game product in the style of train level, copy, Guild, PvP, PvE, daily activities and the world like boss fighting, battlefield promises to bring many exciting experiences.

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Tieu Dao Mobile – RPG swordplay with beautiful 3D graphics

– Link to download Android version: Tieu Dao Mobile for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Tieu Dao Mobile for iPhone

VIPCode Tieu Dao Mobile Newbie

– Code 1: codevip1 million

– Code 2: codevip500k

– Code 3: codevip300k

– Code 4: codevip200k

Get Code Tieu Dao Mobile

Method 1: Visit the landing page to receive Code Tieu Dao Mobile Here and then click on the gift bag icon Receiving gifts as shown below. The system automatically sends you a corresponding Code Tieu Dao Mobile.

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Method 2: Attend the series of events right at the game’s Fanpage or Group to receive the Code Tieu Dao Mobile, here you complete some requirements of the organizers such as Like, Share or Comment to own many valuable gifts. In addition, you can also meet and interact with gamers around the country, discuss things related to the game.

– Join the Fanpage forum to receive Code Tieu Dao Mobile Here.
– Join the Group to receive Code Tieu Dao Mobile here.

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Method 3: In addition to the above two ways, you can also access online newspapers, online newspapers or game portals to receive Code Tieu Dao Mobile. With just a few clicks, you already own a gift from the publisher.

How to use Code Tieu Dao Mobile

Currently Tieu Dao Mobile is in the process of testing Alpha Test, gamers who own Code Tieu Dao Mobile cannot use it, we will update as soon as the official version is released, please follow all related information. related to the game on our Taimienphi website.
Hopefully with the above method, readers have owned some valuable Mobile Codes, the rewards of each GiftCode are different, so owning a lot will give you no advantage. small clown. The Hero Universe was just released not long ago, NPH provides gamers with Cosmic Hero Code including champions, equipment … to help them have a better experience.

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