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The Dao Hoa Kiem role-playing game product with bright 3D graphics with bold swordplay is available on Google Play and App Store systems. NPH Funtap also gives gamers Code Dao Hoa Earn up to millions of dong, don’t miss the opportunity to receive free gifts to equip your character.

Participation Peach Blossom Sword, players can explore the world of swordplay with many interesting features and activities to every centimeter. Not only that, Dao Hoa Sword has many levels, equipment systems, mounts, free trades … giving you the most authentic feeling when wandering.


The swordplay game has a system of wedding animals and free transactions

Code Peach Blossom Sword

– Newbie Giftcode: aff630d2f8451e7a

How to get Code Peach Blossom Sword

There are many events organized by the publisher for players when participating in Fanpage or Group forums. If you are looking for a place to receive the Code Peach Blossom Sword, then you have come to the right place, here are the events where you can receive rewards from NPH Funtap.

Event 1: Loan announcement.
– Reward: Receive GiftCode 1,000,000 VND
– Link to join: Event 1

Event 2: DOWNLOAD & VOTE APP 5★.
– Rewards: GET CODE 999K including Treasure Chest, 300000 Spirits, Dan advance to the rank of Knight*20
– Link to join: Event 2

Event 3: Dot Set Tiles.
– Reward: Celestial Equipment Chest*1, KNB*50, Aquatic Potion EXP*5
– Link to join: Event 3

Event 4: Open Landing peach blossom card flip event.
– Reward:
+ 20K CZK Funcard
+ 50K CZK Funcard
+ Giftcode 100K CZK
+ Giftcode 200K CZK
+ Giftcode 300K
+ Giftcode 500K CZK
+ Peach Blossom Sword Dress
– Link to join: Event 4

Simultaneously, gamers can receive GiftCode Peach Blossom Sword by visiting Funtap’s Code receiving page. There are many Events organized by NPH, each code has a different reward value, so we recommend that you participate in all if possible.
– Website to receive Code Peach Blossom Sword of Funtap here

Instructions to enter Code Peach Blossom Sword

Currently the game is in the Alpha Test phase, so gamers who own the Code Peach Blossom Sword still cannot enter or use it, this feature will definitely be released when the game is Open Beta. All information and methods of entering Code Peach Blossom Sword will be updated by Taimienphi as soon as the game is officially launched, readers, please pay attention to follow.

Released on the same day as Dao Hoa Kiem, Na Tra Ma Dong is a webgame product with images and content similar to those on feature films, the game has a quite new and attractive gameplay. So don’t forget to get Code Na Tra Ma Dong, rewards or anything that helps you increase your character’s combat power.

Link download game Peach Blossom Sword
Immediately after its launch, Dao Hoa Kiem has won the hearts of many people, the number of downloads and installations on the phone is constantly increasing. What are you waiting for, download it now.
– Link to download Android version: Peach Blossom Sword for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Peach Blossom Sword for iPhone

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