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Those of you who are participating in the game, do not ignore Code to exchange items or convert to money. You update the article of and participate in the event on the game to increase the gift code

Articles to help you:
– Receive many game codes
– There is a link to download the game to your device is a game portal with great attraction that many players are participating in today. Explosion Hu Club game portal is integrated with the latest technology by a team of staff working day and night to give players the best experience.

code nohuvip club

Instructions to receive giftcode

In, the code gives players valuable rewards in the game, users can serve individual or collective purposes at their discretion.

For those of you who don’t have the game, download it here

Download Exploding Hat Club for Android
Download Exploding Hat Club for iPhone



– J118956Q68J6


– 5C4QT43IN2KG

– MTAN446BQ64A






Instructions to receive code

Method 1: Follow up to date information on page. We will provide the fastest and most accurate information about the game codes of NPH. Please note bookmarks (Ctrl+D) to keep up with the latest information.

Method 2: Participate in events at the Fanpage of Here

Players can follow the events posted by the administrator on the game’s official Fanpage page, complete all the steps and requirements to receive the game code

code nohuvip club 2

Method 3: Receive code through activity on group Here

To be able to receive the code in the group you must join the group, attend the events of the administrator or the players can organize themselves, this is also the place where you can buy, sell or exchange with other gamers about experience in the game.

Method 4: Watch live games of members or administrators online, predict and receive rewards after the program ends…

Instructions for entering Giftcode game

On the main interface of the game you click on the gift icon

code nohuvip club 3

A new interface appears, you enter Giftcode =>Verification = >Agree

code nohuvip club 4

Above are some ways for you to get the game code If you have any other way, please comment below to let everyone know.
Loo The Hong Nhan officially launched, along with the release of experience servers, the Code Chaos Hong Nhan are broadcast to the player continuously during the game play. You can participate in events and win many valuable giftcodes.

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