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On the occasion of LYN The Lightbringer’s official release on Android and iOS, NPH has released a huge number of LYN The Lightbringer Codes and the following article will guide you on how to receive the GiftCode of the LYN The Lightbringer game.

LYN The Lightbringer is a mobile role-playing game with extremely cute graphics released by Nexon on Mobile. The game LYN The Lightbringer is highly appreciated by players, so NHP has brought players valuable codes, helping them have an easier experience in the game.

code lyn the lightbringer

How to get game code LYN The Lightbringer

Method 1: Get Game Code through Pre-Registration here

To receive the code by pre-registering the participating players, visit the link above, then click on the item Pre-Register on the banner of the game

code lyn the lightbringer 2

Then you fill it out completely Email and agree to the 2 terms of the game and then press Pre-registration as shown below

code lyn the lightbringer 3

– Game code includes 300 Red Diamond + 30,000 Gold
– In addition, if the number of pre-registrants reaches the milestones, the entire server will be rewarded with other valuable rewards such as:

+ 10,000 register before the server will get 50,000 Gold
+ 50,000 register before the whole server will get 100 Wings of Adventure
+ 100,000 register before the server will get 100 Red Crystals and 100 Blue Crystals

code lyn the lightbringer 4

Method 2: Join to receive the code on the game’s Fanpage here

Players participate in events or events organized by the Board of Directors on the game’s Fanpage, follow the instructions for each event, fill in the information to receive rewards, after the event ends, they will receive valuable gifts. or game codes will be sent directly from BQT to Email or sent to the account you registered before.

Method 3: Join the game’s Group community here

Coming to the game group, you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with gamers around the world, learn and exchange with other gamers on game-related issues. In addition, you can also receive Codes when participating in activities, valuable rewards that will help you in experiencing the game.

Method 4: Get codes at game news sites such as 2game, gamek, gamehub … and other electronic newspapers and game portals, you will have the opportunity to receive GiftCode sets through Like & Share their posts in mode. Public level, follow the instructions to receive the Code of the game LYN The Lightbringer.

You can download the game LYN The Lightbringer on Android and iOS phones

– Download LYN The Lightbringer for Android
– Download LYN The Lightbringer for iPhone

The above is a way for players to receive the game Code LYN The Lightbringer before launch, valuable rewards hidden by the NPH in Giftcodes will give gamers a better experience when entering the battle. In addition, if you want to play games on your computer, you can refer to the article how to play LYN The Lightbringer on PC for the simplest and most effective way to play, during this time, Tan Thien Long game has also been released, You can also refer to how to receive Code Tan Thien Long here.

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