Check out the top 10 gamepads with the weirdest design on earth

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There are tons of samples gamepad appeared in recent years. Their shape is basically not much of a difference, but there is no shortage of exceptions. Join Emergenceingame.Com to review a few controllers with the most bizarre design ideas in the gaming industry.

Sega Fishing Rod


While most manufacturers stick to the standard design available on the market, the Sega Dreamcast definitely wants to make a difference. Instead of using a regular Dreamcast controller, the Sega Fishing Rod is designed specifically for Sega Bass Fishing, the fishing game released on the Dreamcast. Handle This is also compatible with many other games over the years and was popular in the late 90s, however, it is undeniable that its design looks extremely monstrous.

Resident Evil Chainsaw


Released for the GameCube Resident Evil 4 game, this controller is shaped like a saw with blood red splashing around. However, most users only buy it for collection because of its bulky size and improperly designed buttons. This product is inspired by Resident Evil 4’s villain Chainsaw Man.

Katana: The Soul Controller


Co-produced by Capcom and Hori for PS2, Katana: The Soul Controller is a controller exclusively for the Onimusha 3 game. It has all the same function buttons as a basic PS2 controller but in shape. resembling a katana sword, has a sheath and when drawn, reveals a gray plastic blade. Katana: The Soul Controller
Sold for $150 at launch.

NES Power Glove


Referring to the most monstrous gamepads in history, NES Power Glove is a name that cannot be absent. Released for the NES in 1989, it was often used to play titles like Super Glove Ball and Bad Street Brawler. However, due to the high price and the fact that virtual reality games were not very popular at the time, it was quickly discontinued just a year later.

ASCII Keyboard Controller


Buying an additional keyboard as an accessory for a gamepad is not unusual. It’s really useful when you don’t want to use the on-screen keyboard to send a message or make a command. However, integrating the whole keyboard into the handle is not normal at all. ASCII Keyboard Controller was released exclusively in Japan for the GameCube and is only compatible with RPG Phantasy Star Online episodes 1 and 2.

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