Chat on gmail, message via Gmail

Chat on gmail, texting via Gmail will be an effective alternative to current messaging programs such as Skype, Zalo,… Helps Gmail users easily message with friends and partners of Gmail. on this mailbox without having to use any other applications.

Sometimes you just want to send a few lines to your friends, or just want to ask them some brief questions. In such a case, instead of sending an email, you should chat with them to get a direct response. Please refer to the content below to know how to chat on Gmail, message via Gmail.

Chat on gmail, message via Gmail

Step 1: First you need Gmail login mine
If you do not have a gmail account, you gmail sign up through a few simple steps

xem mail da gui kiem tra mo mail da gui tren gmail 1 - Emergenceingame

Step 2: Next, your Gmail interface will display similar to the one below.

chat on gmail

Step 3: To chat on Gmail, text on Gmail, click on the Hangouts icon as shown in the picture.

message via gmail

Step 4: Here, choose an account to chat with. The interface of Hangouts is quite user-friendly and minimalistic. You only need to observe for a few seconds to get used to it. However, tBefore chatting, you must send an invitation, and that invitation must be confirmed by the other person to proceed with the chat.

chat bang tai drill gmail

Besides chatting, you can also send photos via simple Hangouts.

chat on gmail, message via gmail, chat bang tai Khoan gmail
Thus, has just introduced to you how to chat on Gmail, text through Gmail. If you want to chat on your phone, you can go to the app market and find an app called Hangouts. However, currently Hangouts only appears on 2 main platforms, Android and iOS only. Please refer to how use Hangouts For more details.

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