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First of all, to change the ZTE wifi password your computer needs to install a fast enough browser. Maybe use Google Chrome or Coc Coc to run the steps more easily. However, users can still use Microsoft’s default browser like IE to change the WiFi password, but the processing speed will certainly not be as good as Google Chrome or Coc Coc.

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If it is on a computer, we always have to change the computer password for security. The same goes for WiFi, changing your WiFi password regularly helps to exclude others from using your WiFi. The way to change the WiFi pass is a bit more complicated than changing the computer password, especially on the ZTE Modem line. Follow the following trick to change ZTE WiFi password.

DGuava password WiFi ZTE

Step 1: Open Chrome, go to the address

Enter the default account and password:

Username: Admin
Password: Admin
Then choose Login

Wi-Fi connection

Step 2: If you encounter this step, press Click here to forgive.

how to connect wifi connection zte

Step 3: In the custom bar Status of ZTE modems. Choose Network —>Wi-Fi.


Step 4: Choose next Security (Security).

Wi-Fi router zte

Step 5: Here you pay attention WPA Passphrase is the WiFi password section. You can change the WiFi password with a length of 8 to 63 characters.

how to connect wifi connection zte

Step 6: Finally scroll down and press Submit to save ZTE WiFi password.

What is the need for wifi connection?

Follow the above steps correctly, you have successfully changed your ZTE WiFi password.

With other Modems like Totolink, you can also change the WiFi pass of Viettel Totolink. Steps to replace change viettel wifi password will help your transmission smoother, higher speed. also advises users not to set WiFi passwords too easily, WiFi hacking software will detect passwords and use temples.
If you use FPT modem, please refer to the method change wifi password ftp to change your home’s wifi password more often to avoid being used in the temple.

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