Change the display language in the game Minecraft to Vietnamese

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Minecraft is the most classic game of all time that almost nobody knows about. But if you have a little problem playing Minecraft on your computer with English language, you can change the Minecraft language accordingly. This particular game is so famous that it has changed and upgraded a number of features to include in the education of children around the world.

Inside TOP 10 best games of all time, Minecraft is not just an Open World style game, but here, players can “live”, work and create a World at their own discretion and this is also one of the Things that make Minecraft loved in every Country.

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How to change language game Minecraft

Step 1: You start the game up, log in Minecraft account Like to play normally, at the first interface, left click on the mouse globe icon.

Main interface
The screen to start playing the game Minecraft

Step 2: A list of languages ​​by Countries in the World appears, including Vietnamese.

List of languages
Select language to play on Minecraft

You can drag the mouse to search, select the language you need to use, then wait a moment for the current interface to switch to that language, then click Done to complete.

Change language
Change the language to Vietnamese on Minecraft game

You can also enter this list of languages ​​by left-clicking Option… (or Options …).

Changing options will be easier with Minecraft Vietnamese interface

Select next item Language … and do the same as above to change the language.

Click Language to change to another language on Minecraft

During the game we can also use this way to change the language whenever we want.

Select language
Press Done to complete the language change on Minecraft

Have a great time playing Minecraft game!

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