Captain America Appears in Fortnite

Captain America Appears in Fortnite

Captain America is about to appear in Fortnite for this July 4 event. You can buy this superhero skin from the Fortnite item shop. This Captain America skin has a new harvest tool that is very different from what came before.

Currently, Captain America has only one skin type: the hooded version. Which means if you’re a Steve Rogers fan without a hat, you’ll be pretty disappointed, unless Epic decides to add it in the future.

You can buy Captain America skin in the item shop for 2,000 V-buck, about $18-$20 USD.

In addition, you will receive Cap’s proto-adamantium shield, which can be used as a back bling or harvest. The item shop doesn’t say if you can use the shield at the same time for the second shift. Fortunately, this shield is available in the 2,000 V-buck skin set so we don’t have to spend anything extra.

Captain America Appears in Fortnite

Notably in the Fortnite trailer, Captain America apparently emerges from Bifrost, the magical teleport bridge in Thor’s world. We now have DC’s Aquaman skin for this season cbd farms. Therefore, maybe fans will get more Marvel superhero skins, or the game will host a crossover event of these two universes?

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