Call of Duty sets a record of “killing” half a million Hack/Cheat accounts

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Developers Call of Duty Warzone, Raven Software recently announced that over 30,000 new Warzone accounts have been banned. According to the studio, this brings the total number of banned accounts to more than 500,000.

Warzone has been having issues with the offending account since day one. Since then, Activision and Raven Software are always against the guys cheat and hacker. In February, Activision banned more than 60,000 accounts and the total number of banned accounts then was about 300,000. After May 14th, the number of banned accounts has reached over half a million and will continue to increase.


Raven Software’s creative director Amos Hodge shared his frustration with cheaters and hackers: “We create content for players. While players are sad that their games are affected, I’m sad that vandals are ruining one of my best products.”

“We put our whole heart into Warzone,” explains Hodge. The title has 100 million players and has been out for a year, it’s a big stage and one of our best. The fact that cheaters infiltrated and ruined the game upsets us more than anyone.”​


Raven Software will not give up fighting cheaters/hackers. So, it seems, the battle between scammers and developers will be like the eternal struggle between good and evil.​

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