Buying Sub Youtube is not a violation?

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Youtube is currently leading the way in content marketing. It is a free platform provided by Google that is extremely popular with users. If you have a Youtube channel, you will probably constantly wonder how to increase the number of subs (subscribers) for your channel.

There are several methods you can do, the simplest of which is Buy Sub. However, after that, a series of questions will arise regarding Buy YouTube subssuch as whether you will be penalized for violations?

Can I buy a youtube sub?

Buying Sub Youtube is not a violation?

I. Benefits of buying subs on YouTube

Creating a channel, creating content, and attracting YouTube subs (and views) is not easy, it often takes time and effort. YouTube’s new law also stipulates that within 12 months, channels must reach at least 4,000 hours of viewing and 1,000 subs can enable monetization. Meanwhile, buying sub is a “shortcut”, with many benefits such as:

+ Make your channel more famous.
+ Help you target the right target audience.
+ Improved ranking.
+ Can enable monetization.

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II. Buying YouTube subs is a violation?

The answer is that you may or may not be fined, because this depends on the source of the sub you buy and whether YouTube detects the “virtual” sub.

Can I buy a youtube sub?

You will not be penalized for violations if the subs you buy are all safe, from real subscribers, so your account will be safe and not likely to be hacked or penalized. Real YouTube subscribers from different devices and geographies will be genuinely interested in your video content. After the number of subs increase, your channel will be more popular, continue to attract more subs, towards the natural increase of subs.

While you may not be penalized, there is always a risk with buying subs. All channels are manually checked by YouTube for approval to enable monetization. They can detect the “virtual” subs you’ve purchased, and can ban your channel at any time.

In general, you should not buy YouTube subs. In most cases it’s not worth your risk, putting your channel at risk of being banned or penalized. Ideally, take the time to build engaging and interesting content. However, there are still some safer methods of buying YouTube subs that you can try if you really feel the need.

III. How to buy YouTube subscribers and watch properly to increase rankings

1. Only buy YouTube subs from legitimate advertisers

Just do a quick search on Google, you will have a lot of places selling subs and YouTube views. Using these sources can help you increase the number of subs, but the problem is that most of them only send you subs from people who don’t really want to subscribe to your channel, don’t want to watch your videos.

Can you buy youtube subs if you want to violate the rules?

So what happens when you buy YouTube subs from these sources? Your audience will open your video, watch for about 5 seconds, then leave. In other words, engagement and watch time will both be very low. Not only will this cause Google to detect and possibly send warnings, but it will also cause your channel to lose its good reputation. People will notice if your video has 100k views but only 3 likes, because that metric looks so fake.

In addition, Google is always looking for and detecting fake subs from illegal vendors. You certainly don’t want to be caught buying a sub and be penalized immediately. To avoid consequences, buy subs from safe sources only when absolutely needed.

1.1. Illegal Advertisers

There are several illegal methods to increase your YouTube subs and views, such as:
Buy subs, views from redirects, which means suddenly changing the URL and taking the user to a new page in the middle of a click.
+ Uses under-window ads, where a new window appears under the current one.
+ The deceptive layout hides the video and automatically plays it when the viewer clicks on irrelevant elements on the page.
+ Buy subs, views from third-party sites that provide bot or clickfarm views.

Any illegal means of advertising can have serious consequences for your channel, as they violate YouTube’s Terms of Service. If you are found using these methods to buy YouTube subs (and if YouTube can confirm that you are responsible), your views will not be counted, the video will be removed, or your account permanently suspended.

1.2. Legitimate Advertisers

So, how to buy YouTube subs safely? The answer is to use sponsored advertising methods and paid advertising content.

When your audience watches your videos because they really want to see the content, it will get real, natural views, and the subs will also increase gradually. With this option, YouTube accepts and even expects you to buy legitimate views – essentially investing in advertising right on the platform.

Any growth your channel gets through legitimate advertisers is considered valid and viable.

2. How to buy YouTube subs safely through Google and Facebook ads.

2.1. Increase YouTube subs through Google ads

tang luot sub youtube

The most effective (and most obvious) way to buy the right kind of views and subs for your video is to buy directly through YouTube or Google ads. That means you need to sign up for a Google AdWords account and run different types of ads for your videos as PPC (pay-per-click) ads. This allows you to run highly targeted campaigns to ensure that your ideal audience knows about new content.

When it comes to YouTube advertising, you’re essentially working through two avenues:
+ In-stream ads that appear before, during or after a YouTube video.
+ In-display ads appear in YouTube search results pages or related videos.

As a beginner, it’s a good idea to test both types and see which ads give you the best results.

2.2. Increase YouTube subs through Facebook ads

The second way to buy YouTube subs and get legitimate views is to advertise through Facebook.

When you create a new video, you can also create a blog post or web page, including the YouTube video embed code. You can then run that post on Facebook. Because Facebook is still the most popular social media network today, linking posts with videos will reach more viewers, attracting more audiences.

More importantly, advertising on Facebook will also help you identify your target audience more accurately, know the people who are really interested in your content, thereby continuing to build and develop content in the right direction. well suited.

Not only that, but you can also post your YouTube video link on a lot of other social media accounts, such as Twitter and LinkedIn platforms, or via email. Even partnering with influencers to share videos or link to your content is a good idea.

If you have a Youtube channel and are eligible to enable monetization, please refer to how to enable youtube monetization Click here to start the campaign to collect advertising money from Youtube.

Recommended videos or Youtube Channels will be one of the reasons that will help your channel get more views, so there will be more subs, but when the channel loses recommendations, the video will appear less. Viewers know less about your videos and channels, at this point, you need to clarify the problem and fix the error that your Youtube channel has lost suggestions.

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