Busy playing games for his girlfriend to watch the World Cup alone, the male student was surprised to find that he was ‘cuckold’

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Game and Girlfriend – it can be a pretty lame comparison, because one is a game, the other is a person. It seems that these two completely different things will have nothing to do with each other, but in many cases it causes our gamers a headache with choices: Game or Girlfriend?
It is also from here that there have been countless funny stories. It’s not even rare for gamers to be “kicked” by their girlfriends simply because of their crime of being too busy playing and having too much fun.

And recently, just because of “all day glued to electronics” that the guy in the sharing below finally had to receive a more “bitter” ending for his love story.

Confessions were sent by the guy to the Confessions fanpage of a university with many doubts and extreme confusion. Specifically, it is known that the guy is a Polytechnic student, and his girlfriend is studying Economics. Lover many times invited to watch football World Cup 2018 But Bach Khoa boy because he was too busy playing the game, he refused. Until one day, he received a breakup request from his lover for the reason “If you’re glued to electronics all day, where’s the future?”. But the truth behind it is not that simple.

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The guy shared:

“Come to think of it, comedy. I’m from Bach Khoa, I love Economics, I don’t go back to my hometown in the summer, but I stay in Hanoi to work part-time. The man who loves his daughter is also addicted to football, every WC game he watches and predicts the score like anyone else, but he never bets, just predicts for fun. I am not addicted to football but addicted to electronics. There were a few times when my lover invited me to her friend’s house to watch football, but I refused.”

And then the guy was still engrossed in his video game, and the girlfriend was still engrossed in football. Nothing will happen when one day, the guy suddenly realizes the change of his lover when he recently went to his friend’s house to watch football but dressed very beautifully. The boy was suspicious and asked, but the girlfriend still found an excuse that she had to go to the bar to drink water and watch football, so she had to dress properly. Hearing the reasonable explanation, he did not suspect or investigate further.

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But the girl’s frequency of going to watch football kept getting thinner and thinner, to the point that one day the guy didn’t play the game and asked his girlfriend to go out, but she refused because she was still busy watching football.

Then whatever happens, on a bad day, Bach Khoa guy received a phone call saying goodbye from his lover with the reason that “you’re glued to the computer all day, where is the future?” he was surprised and bewildered. However, maybe that’s just part of the “fate” reason. Because then he discovered that his lover said he was going to watch football all day, but he was actually going out with another guy. But according to a friend of the girlfriend: “Actually, they didn’t like to chew at first, but after a few football matches, they watched and talked, so the fire near the straw was also burning for a long time.” This made him very miserable, tormented and regretted when he let his lover go to watch football alone.

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“Now what should I do, accept it? Just for the sake of letting my lover go watch football and I sit and play games?”. Bach Khoa boy wondered.

Comedy sentences like “being abandoned by your lover for playing games” are not uncommon in real life. But this guy is probably even more painful than that when he is not only “kicked” but also “cuckold”. This will surely be a memorable lesson for the guy or any other gamer. Agree that passions and hobbies need to be respected, but don’t lose your other happiness because you can lose it and never get it back. !

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