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Break the difficult puzzle game “explosive”, get 1 bitcoin as a reward

When the player first touches the title puzzle game super hard to name MonteCrypto hey, they don’t know how long it will take them to “destroy” it. Even the two creators of the game themselves do not know how things will turn out. For all they know, the first person to solve all the puzzles in MonteCrypto will receive a reward of more than $9000 (about 67 million VND).

Unlike most other games, MonteCrypto has a tangible reward: 1 digital wallet containing 1 bitcoin with the same value as mentioned above. The game itself is a maze of 24 puzzles called “enigma”. To win, the player will have to solve all the enigma in a 60-minute turn.


The game’s two developers, Scott Piriou and Corentin Derbré, created MonteCrypto within a month. Piriou bets the player will solve it in 3 days, and Derbré in 5 days. The truth is that they underestimated their brainchild. Until last week, April 24, 2018, this game was “destroyed”, 63 days after it was released on February 20, 2018.

In fact, to break the island of MonteCrypto, the players had to gather together into a community of many small groups. The winning team in this puzzle race was The ARG Solving Station, led by Justin Tobin, a design engineer and puzzle enthusiast. To win, Tobin and friends had to use…a series of cheats such as hack Go through walls or dig hooks in the game’s data. Don’t get too excited, because that seems to be exactly what game developers want players to do.


“BILLIONThe game has a bunch of puzzles that one can’t solve, in my opinion, without digging in the game data or using “cheat” like walking through walls. For example, puzzles require data to appear outside the maze, and the only way to obtain them is cheat and “teleport” to where they appear.” _ Tobin shared.

The answer from 2 developers, that is: Yes.

“DRAWIt’s inevitable for players to use “out-of-the-box” tools, so we designed a game that accepts that.‘ Derbré replied. He even talked to Twitch so they wouldn’t ban players who streamed and used hacking tools to crack his game.

Facing such a tough game, the players were forced to unite with each other. They form groups, but do not work independently, but often share tips with each other. Tobin paid tribute to Austin, a member of Game Detectives (another group) who created an effective “game hacking” tool alongside MonteCrypto’s “data mining” software.

Even with such tools, players still face countless obstacles to win MonteCrypto. Tobin shared that his team took the lead when it took only a few days to solve 21 of 24 puzzles, but then hit a “dead end” on the 22nd puzzle. Meanwhile, the other groups were slow but are also slowly approaching The ARG Solving Station.


The 22nd puzzle, forcing the player to use the tool to go through the wall to solve it, took Tobin and his teammates more than 10 days. The 23rd puzzle, even more difficult, when they only found clues with the game “data mining” tool. As a result, they know they have to use the controller (instead of the mouse and keyboard) to solve this puzzle. When they did and opened the door to the room containing the puzzle, their handle vibrated (the handle’s vibration mode) at a certain frequency. It was a morse code, hiding the real puzzle of the 23rd Enigma. Yes, it had only just begun, and it took Tobin’s team a whole month to solve the puzzle, thanks to the help. of the MonteCrypto community on Discord.

The moment Tobin’s team found the answer thanks to the help of the community

The 24th puzzle, the one that took them all the remaining 63 days, actually didn’t take that much time. They found a way to solve the puzzle from the very beginning, when entering the forest filled with candlesticks, it was to click on all the candles in the forest. However, they made a fatal mistake, missing a tree on the first attempt. That failed attempt made them think it was the wrong solution, and spent the next month thinking of another solution before trying the old way again.

In the end, Tobin and his teammates finally solved the puzzle and won a digital wallet containing 1 bitcoin. In addition to the actual value, MonteCrypto also gives them a different experience, and wants to try other similar games. For the 2 developers, that was what they wanted from the very beginning:


After all, the biggest value I would like to see is whether this idea can be embraced, and maybe become a new game genre. I am happy that right now there are “bitcoin enigma” games in development.

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