Be careful when buying games here, crooks can still take advantage of the hole to trick you

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One of the biggest benefits of PC games As a regular discount, gamers can easily find bargain versions through many online sources. However, sometimes the price is so cheap that it is unrealistic, such cases can be free content or cheap game versions that hackers can’t afford. cheat collected and sold for profit. Both gamers and developers are having a headache with this problem on the Amazon shopping site.


For example, in the case of games Frostpunk. Last Saturday, a subreddit on the GameDeals section of Reddit stumbled across a version of the game that was sold for $3, which was 90% off what it was sold on Steam or GOG.

In fact, this 3 dollar game is just a data pack collected from the game version Frostpunk on GOG, with the download rewritten as “Ace Media Group company”. When a gamer tries to uninstall, the GOG version reappears but doesn’t work.

Gamers on Reddit decided to buy the game for 3 dollars to find out and summarize as follows: “Someone took the GOG version of the game. Frostpunk. The installer looks real but the uninstaller doesn’t work. There are still traces of files related to GOG and Galaxy64.dll (used to integrate applications for GOG Galaxy customers) in the installation directory.

Responding to this information, Lewie Procter – founder of SavyGamer blamed Amazon for not taking action to prevent the sale of goods. fake games from scammers. He added: “(This story) raises questions about security issues. Don’t know if they (Amazon) do any virus testing in the software they sell. If it’s a Steam key or something like that, it’s less of a concern, but for direct downloads it’s a real problem.”


According to Procter, this situation has existed for a long time, for example in the case of games Lords of Xulima found a fake copy of himself, on sale on Amazon since October last year, for just $1.99. That fake version is even sold under the name of “Amazon Digital Services”.

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